Task A - Read the article quickly. Choose a different title for this story - SBT Explore English 8 page 14

1. Nội dung câu hỏi

a. The Dangerous Job of a Shark Tank Cleaner

b. The Exciting Job of a Shark Tank Cleaner

c. The Creative Job of a Shark Tank Cleaner



A job as a cleaner may not sound all that fun and exciting. Every day, you have to go to work and clean the same place over and over again. But what if your job requires you to put on a wet suit and dive into a huge water tank full of sharks? As a professional shark tank cleaner at the New York Aquarium, this is what Mark Adams does every day.

The job of an aquarium tank cleaner is an important one. Adams and his team pick up any food that the sharks do not eat. If food is left in the tank, it will go bad. The divers also clean off the algae (a green plant that grows in water) that grows on the glass. If the cleaners do not clean the glass, visitors cannot see the sharks inside the tank. Most importantly, cleaning the tank each day helps to keep the sharks healthy and happy. Sometimes, as they clean, the divers wave to the visitors.

"We go through a long training program," Adams explains, "I'm confident and I enjoy my job." Swimming in a tank full of sharks may sound like a very dangerous job, but the sharks are used to people. Adams feels safe when he dives. Of course, the sharks are well fed. "When we get in the tank-they're not that hungry!" says Adams. He always goes in the tank with another diver. Also, another team member watches from the top of the tank. The team members talk to each other through radios. They also use hand signals to communicate. Adams says, "Sometimes, we stop cleaning when the sharks have too much energy. But we've had no serious problems, and really want to keep it that way."


2. Phương pháp giải

Đọc bài viết một cách nhanh chóng. Chọn một tiêu đề khác cho câu chuyện này.


3. Lời giải chi tiết

The most fitting title for the story is: b. The Exciting Job of a Shark Tank Cleaner


The Dangerous Job... - This title is too dramatic. The article talks more about safety measures and how the sharks are used to people.

The Creative Job... - This isn't what the job is about. Cleaning a tank isn't particularly creative.

The Exciting Job... - This title captures the main idea. The article talks about how Adams enjoys his job and finds it exciting to swim with sharks.

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