25. Đề số 25 - Đề thi thử THPT Quốc Gia môn Tiếng Anh

Đề bài

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

Question 1.

A. deleted                        B. started

C. retarded                      D. stopped

Question 2.

A. think                            B. thank

C. that                              D. three

Pick out the word that has the primary stress different from that of the other words.

Question 3.

A. advise                          B. parent

C. apply                            D. attract

Question 4.

A. academic                      B. necessity

C. authority                        D. commercially

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions

Question 5. Halley’s comet, viewing (A) through (B) a telescope, was quite (C) impressive.(D)

Question 6. There are (A) a car (B) and two vans (C) in front of (D) my house.

Question 7. All her (A) children have graduated from (B) university, that (C) is the reason for her (D) to be proud.

Choose the most suitable words or phrases to fill in the blanks.

Question 8. The more you practise your English,                         .

A. Faster you learn.  

C. the faster will you learn.

B. You will learn faster.

D. the faster you will learn.

Question 9. Mrs. Brown was the first owner               dog won 3 prizes in the same show.

A. whose                    B. her

C. who                        D. whom

Question 10. If she          a car, she would go out in the evening.

A. have                        B. has

C. has had                   D. had

Question 11. You are old enough. I think it is high time you applied             a job.

A. in                           B. of 

C. for                          D. upon

Question 12. Because of the              of hospital employees at the hospital, the head of administration began advertising job openings in the newspaper.

A. short                      B. shorter 

C. shorten                   D. shortage

Question 13. Friendship is a two-sided                , it lives by give-and-take.

A. affair                      B. event  

C. aspect                    D. feature

Question 14. “Do you          your new roommate, or do you two argue?”

A. keep in touch with

C. on good term with

B. get along with

D. get used to

Question 15. The majority of Asian students reject the American             that marriage is a partnership of equals.

A. attitude                  B. thought

C. view                        D. look

Question 16. Bob has a bad lung cancer and his doctor has advised him to                   smoking.

A. put up                    B. give up 

C. take up                   D. turn up

Question 17. According to FAO, Vietnam is               second largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil.

A. a                             B. 0

C. an                           D. the

Question 18. When she came home from school yesterday, her mother                  in the kitchen.

A. cooked                   B. was cooking

C. is cooking               D. cooks

Question 19. We were made            hard when we were at school.

A. to study                  B. study

C. studying                  D. studied

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the most suitable response to complete each of the following exchanges.

Question 20. – Kate: “How lovely your cats are.”

– David:             .”

A.  Really? They are. 

C. Can you say that again.

B. Thank you, it is nice of you to say so. 

D. I love them, too.

Question 21. – Geogre: “In my opinion, action films are exciting.”

– Frankie:            .”

A. There’s no doubt about it. 

C. You shouldn’t have said that.

B. Yes, congratulations.  

D. What an opinion!

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

Question 22. “Edwards seems like a dog with two tails this morning.” – “Haven’t you hear the news? His wife gave birth a baby boy early this morning.”

A. extremely happy 

C. extremely disappointed

B. exhausted 

D. very proud

Question 23. The whole village was wiped out in the bombing raids.

A. cleaned well  

C. changed completely

B. removed quickly 

D. destroyed completely

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Question 24. The president expressed his deep sorrow over the bombing deaths.

A. regret                     B. happiness  

C. sadness                  D. passion

Question 25. Ann has always made good in everything she has done.

A. succeeded               B. achieved 

C. failed                        D. won

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning.

Question 26. “It was nice of you to give me the present. Thank you.” Mary said to Helen.

A. Mary thanked Helen for the present.

B. Mary asked Helen for the present.

C. Mary was happy to give Helen the present.

D. Mary was sorry to receive the present for Helen.

Question 27. We last went to that cinema 2 months ago.

A. We have been to the cinema for 2 months.

B. We haven’t been to the cinema for 2 months.

C. We didn’t want to go to the cinema anymore.

D. We didn’t go to the cinema for 2 months.

Question 28. In spite of his poverty, he led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause.

A. He could not devote his life to the revolutionary cause because of his poverty.

B. Although he was poor, he led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause.

C. If he had not been so poor, he could have devoted his life to the revolutionary cause.

D. He led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause, but he was so poor.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences in the following questions.

Question 29. The song says about the love of two young students. She is studying the song.

A. The song which she is singing it says about the love of two young students.

B. The song she is singing says about the love of two young students.

C. The song says about the love of two young students which she is singing.

D. The song says about the love of two young students that she is singing.

Question 30. He didn’t hurry. Therefore, he missed the plane.

A. If he hurried, he wouldn’t miss the plane.

B. Had he hurried, he might catch the plane.

C. Had he hurried, he could have caught the plane.

D. He didn’t miss the plane because he hurried.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase for each of the blanks.

Why do people often get uptight and worried before meeting someone for the first time? It is often said that (31)______a good first impression is very important, and according to recent studies, it appears that there is something to it. In his book, Blink, author Malcolm Gladwell says that we form an opinion of someone in the first 2 seconds after meeting them. In other words, if Gladwell is right, most of us pass (32)         on people we meet almost immediately. It makes (33)                    that we create a better first impression when we’re friendly.  A  warm  smile  can  really  make  a  difference.  And   then  if   we  have  interests   (34)    common, the other person may feel they want to get t know us. However, when we meet someone from abroad who (35)______a foreign language, there’s no need we have to keep our distance from them. If we decided to take the trouble to communicate, we might make a new friend.

Question 31.

A. doing                         B. making

C. passing                      D. having

Question 32.

A. prejudice                    B. judgement

C. impression                  D. doubt

Question 33.

A. logic                            B. sense

C. interest                       D. friends

Question 34.

A. in                                B. by

C. with                             D. to

Question 35.

A. speaks                        B. asks

C. says                            D. talks

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

In the 1960s, The Beatles were probably the most famous pop group in the whole world. Since then, there have been a great many groups that have achieved enormous fame, so it is perhaps difficult now to imagine how sensational The Beatles were at that time. They were four boys from the north of England and none of them had any training in music. They started by performing and recording songs by black Americans and they had some success with these songs. Then they started writing their own songs and that was when they became really popular. The Beatles changed pop music. They were the first pop group to achieve great success from songs they had written themselves. After that it became common for groups and singers to write their own songs. The Beatles did not have a long career. Their first hit record was in 1963 and they split up in 1970. They stopped doing live performances in 1966 because it had become too dangerous for them – their fans were so excited that they surrounded them and tried to take their clothes as souvenirs! However, today some of their songs remain as famous as they were when they first came out. Throughout the world many people can sing part of a Beatles song if you ask them.

Question 36. The passage is mainly about

A. How the Beatles became more successful than other groups

B. Why the Beatles split up after 7 years

C. The Beatles’ fame and success

D. Many people’s ability to sing a Beatles song

Question 37. The four boys of the Beatles

A. Came from the same family

C. Were at the same age

B. Came from a town in the north of England 

D. Received good training in music

Question 38. The word “sensational” is closest in meaning to

A.  Notorious              B. Bad 

C. Shocking                D. Popular

Question 39. The first songs of the Beatles were

A. Written by themselves 

C. Paid a lot of money

B. Broadcast on the radio

D. Written by black Americans

Question 40. What is not true about the Beatles?

A. The members had no training in music

B. They had a long stable career

C. They became famous when they wrote their own songs

D. They were afraid of being hurt by fans

Question 41. The Beatles stopped their live performances because

A. They had earned enough money

B. They did not want to work with each other

C. They spent more time writing their own songs

D. They were afraid of being hurt by fans.

Question 42. The word “they” is closest in meaning to

A.  The Beatles            B. the fans 

C. the songs                D. the performances

Question 43. What word might describes the attitudes of the writer?

A.  admiration              B. criticism

C. neutral                    D. sarcasm

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

Early humans saw a variety of natural colours around them, from the browns and greens of the soil and plants to the deep blues and red of the sky. They painted their bodies with colours from nature to signal aggression toward an enemy, or to make themselves attractive to a mate.

A girl and a rainbow of crushed ice flavors at Chowpatty Beach, India. Over the centuries, the sources of colours such as blue, purple, and red were high valued and they were often  worth as much as gold. In the 19th century, a young chemistry student manufactured the first synthetic dye, and suddenly the world became a much more colorful place. In the 20th century, scientists discovered the psychological effects of colours, and people found ways to use this discovery to influence our feelings and behaviors.


Red, colour of blood, symbolises fire, love and anger. In Eastern cultures, people believe it brings luck, wealth and success. In humans, the color red can send different messages. Some people redden, for example, when they are angry or embarrassed. Researchers have discovered that in sports the team that is wearing red is more likely to win. Why? Because red seems to be the color that signals dominance, giving those dressed in red an advantage in sporting  events. In many animal species (including humans), contact with this bold color causes the heart rate to increase. However, one of red’s lighter shades, pink, can have the opposite effect on people. Man in prisons are less agressive when the walls are a specific shade of pink.


Yellow, the colour that comes to mind when we think of sunshine, is found throughout nature and the man-made world as a colour that commands attention; indeed, it is one of the easiest colours to see. This highly visible shade is found on everything from school buses to traffic signs and pens that we use to highlight important information in a text. The colour is also used to caution people; football players, for example, are shown a yellow card as a reminder to behave. It can be used as a stimulant as well: in a number of studies, yellow has been found to help children focus on their work and do better at school.


Blue, the colour of the sky and sea, is associated in many cultures with water, religious objects, and protection against evil. Its darker shades represent calm, stability and power. Dark blue, for example, is the colour of the business suit or police uniform; it tells others, ‘I am in control,’ or ‘I am trustworthy.’ Blue is also associated with sadness. It’s common in English, for example, when you are feeling sad or depressed, to talk about ‘feeling blue,’ while in Iran, blue is the colour of mourning, worn when a person dies. Like pink, blue has a calming effect on people. Rooms painted blue help people to relax or sleep. Sleeping pills are often coloured blue to suggest exactly this idea. This colour also seems to reduce feelings of hunger. Blue food is rarely seen in nature, and when it is, such food is usually no longer healthy to consume. It’s just one more example of the power that colour can hold over us.

Question 44. According to the pasage, the colour red______.

A. is believed to embarrass people

B. gives an advantage to team members who wear it.

C. symbolises bad luck                                                   

D. makes people less aggressive.

Question 45. Yellow is used to highlight information in a text because

A. it is an important colour.  

C. it is a highly visible colour.

B. it can be used to caution people.

D. people prefer this colour to other colours.

Question 46. What is this text mainly about?

A. How views of colour have changed

C. How colour influences people

B. The sources of colour

D. How colour has a calming effect

Question 47. The word “they” refers to

A.  early humans           B. colours

C. plants                      D. deep blues

Question 48. What are English speakers refering to when they talk about “feeling blue”?

A. being in control

C. being calm

B. being upset when someone dies

D. being sad

Question 49. The first man-made colors were produced                        .

A. only recently 

B. in the 20th century

C. in the 19th century

D. centuries ago

Question 50. The phrase “this idea” refers to                        .

A.  food                        B. stopping hunger

C. painting rooms          D. relaxation

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