Tổng hợp 5 đề thi giữa học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 6 English Discovery có đáp án

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Đề 1
Đề 2
Đề 3
Đề 4
Đề 5
Lựa chọn câu hỏi để xem giải nhanh hơn
Đề 1
Đề 2
Đề 3
Đề 4
Đề 5

Đề 1

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. indoor                

B. stadium                  

C. champion               

D. exciting


A. washed              

B. watched                 

C. cleaned                  

D. danced


A. theory                

B. century                  

C. cycling                   

D. gymnastic

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. report                 

B. champion               

C. interest                   

D. hockey


A. machine             

B. charger                  

C. cooker                    

D. idol

III. Choose the best answer for each question.

6. She ____ an excellent student in her class 3 years ago.

A. was                        

B. were                       

C. is                            

D. did

7. I _____ to the supermarket with my mom yesterday morning.

A. go                          

B. went                      

C. goes                       

D. going

8. I ___ jogging and ___ gymnastics every morning to keep fit.

A. do - do                   

B. go - do                   

C. go - go                   

D. go - do

9. My favourite _________ is Google. I use it a lot to search for information.

A. search engine         

B. experiment             

C. game                      

D. track

10. The computer can help people to do a lot of things. I think it is very ____.

A. useful                    

B. rude                        

C. exciting                  

D. boring

11. Did you do your homework last night? - _________.

A. Yes, I do               

B. No, I did                

C. No, I wasn’t          

D. Yes, I did

12. Our team _____ a goal at the end of the match. We were very happy. 

A. lost                        

B. scored                    

C. matched                 

D. won

13. Are you ______ sports? - Of course! I’m a big fan for football.

A. keen                       

B. into                        

C. like                         

D. fond

14. __________________? - It was Batman. I really liked him when I was a kid. 

A. What character do you like?                     

B. Do you like Batman?

C. Who was your childhood idol?                 

D. Did you like Batman?

15. __________ a girl in your football team? - No, but the volleyball team had two.

A. Were there             

B. Who was               

C. Was there              

D. Did

IV. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the words.

16. My dad is a sport _________. He’s crazy for hockey and marathons. (FAN)

17. The Internet was one of the greatest ________ in the last century. (INVENT)

18. Anna joined in a volleyball world __________ when she was 15. (CHAMPION)

19. Leo has a ____________ of stamps from countries around the world. (COLLECT)

20. I’m not ____________ in sports. I’m more into nature and science. (INTEREST)

V. Fill in the blank with the correct Past Simple form of the verb in the box. There is one extra word. 

            have                         go                     meet                     wake                wash                        visit

Last Wednesday morning, I (21) _______ up early and got ready for school. After I had my breakfast, I (22)________ to school at around 7:00 a.m. I (23) ________ my friends and my teachers here. We (24) _______ Maths and Literature on Wednesday. My classes ended in the afternoon. After school, I walked with my friends, (25) ________ my grandparents’ house then went home at around 5 pm.

VI. Read the text and the statements below. Who ( A - Andy, B - Billy) is each sentence about? You can use the letters more than once.

Andy (A)

We did lots of team sports at school, like football, volleyball and hockey. But I’m not very fast or strong. Members of my team often laughed at me, so I stopped playing sports because it upset me. But later, I learned that I can do exercise better without other people around. Now I go cycling, swimming and running regularly to keep fit. Everyone can no longer get mad at me when I play sports!

Billy (B)

I used to do sports a lot when I was at school. I loved the exercise, and I was also a member of a football team. We had great times together. Unluckily, I was in a terrible car accident and broke my leg. Now I can no longer do every sport. The only sport I can do is fishing, and that’s so boring! A friend of mine has suggested going sailing. It sounds fun. I think I’ll try that.

26. Who plans to try a new sport soon?

27. Who is unable to do the sports that she enjoyed in the past?

28. Who only enjoys doing exercise when she is alone?

29. Who had great times with friends in a team?

30. Who had unhappy experiences when playing team sports?        

VII. Read the text below and answer the following questions.

Fitness trackers are the first well-known electronic wearable technology. They help you maintain good health by monitoring your heart and movement. Now, wearable technology helps people stay healthy in new ways. For example, there is a new product called ‘iTBra’. It looks like a patch. Women wear it inside their bras to check for breast cancer. Another product is ‘Heart Guide’. It can measure blood pressure. It can also track information about users’ lifestyle. Then it shares this information with the doctor so that he can give users’ advice for better health. Finally, ‘SmartSleep’ is a soft headband. It helps people to sleep better. It collects information about people’s sleep patterns, gives advice and makes sounds to help people fall asleep. However, not all wearables are about health. Some are used for protection or to find the place you want to go, and some are just for fun.

31. How can Fitness trackers help you stay healthy?


32. How can women wear “iTBra”?


33. How can people use information from “Heart Guide”?


34. How can “Smart Sleep” help people?


35. Can people use wearables for protection?


VIII. Make questions for the following answers.

36. _______________________________________________?

=> There were five football matches in the championship.

37. _______________________________________________?

=> I did my homework, watched TV and then went to sleep last night.

38. ________________________________________________?

=> The competition was in 2014.

39. _________________________________________________?

=> No, I wasn’t the tallest one in my class. Tom was.

40. _________________________________________________?

=> The cellphone was the most important invention in the last century.

---------------------THE END---------------------

Đề 2

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

1. A. archery               B. cycling                    C. hockey                    D. volleyball

2. A. tennis                  B. win                         C. pitch                       D. biking

3. A. called                  B. watched                  C. jogged                    D. carried

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.

4. A. Olympics            B. reporter                   C. champion                D. gymnasium

5. A. Malaysia             B. Germany                 C. Portugal                  D. Canada

III. Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.

6. We often play sports in a small football _________.

A. pitch                       B. court                       C. track                       D. pool

7. The computer is the most important __________ in the last century.

A. electricity               B. invention                C. inventor                  D. experiment

8. Hanoi is the __________ city of Việt Nam.

A. capital                     B. centre                      C. key                          D. main

9. I often _______ swimming and ________ gymnastics in the summer.

A. do/do                      B. go/do                      C. do/go                      D. go/go

10. “What is your favourite __________?” - “It’s Google. I use it to check information.”

A. search engine          B. email                       C. social network        D. smartphone

11. What is the name of the longest __________ of Việt Nam?

A. island                      B. river                        C. ocean                      D. sea

12. When ____ the 30th SEA Games? - It ________ in 2019.

A. was/were                B. were/were               C. was/were                D. was/was

13. “Did Thomas Edison  __________ the light bulb?” - “Yes, he did.”

A. invented                 B. inventing                C. invents                    D. invent

14. Japan and China are in __________. Russia and Poland are in__________.

A. African - Asian                                          B. North America - Europe

C. Asian - Europe                                           D. Asia – Europe

15. What are your hobbies and interests? - I’m ________ basketball and chess.

A. of                            B. in                            C. into                         D. onto

IV. Fill in the blanks with the correct past form of the verbs.

16. My mom ______ me and my siblings to the dentist last Friday. (TAKE)

17. Remember ____ your lunchbox in the bag. (PUT)

18. I _____ to the swimming pool a lot when I was a kid. (GO)

19. In 2015, Bill _____ a local marathon competition. (START)

20. We ______ to the tennis court at 8 o’clock yesterday morning. (GET)

V. Look at the note and complete Andy’s blog post. Write ONE word for each blank.

  swimming                      health                      sport                  swimming pool                      learning

If you were to ask me what my favorite sport is, my answer would be (21) __________ . I started (22) _________ how to swim when I was five years old. There are many reasons why I love swimming. First, swimming is extremely relaxing. I love the feeling of floating on the water and feeling almost weightless. Second, it can also be a fast-paced competitive (23) _________ which raises your heartbeat. It’s amazing pushing yourself to the challenge of beating someone else to the finish line and it’s great fun racing across the pool as fast as you can! It is great to go to the (24) __________ with friends. Finally, swimming helps to maintain good (25) __________. It helps us to build muscles, avoid heart disease and obesity.

VI. Read the passage and choose the correct answer for each question.

Old Inventions

A. Black and White Television

Early TVs could not show color, and the first black and white TV appeared in 1954. They were very expensive, so most people really did not have color TVs until the 1970s. We now have large LCD TVs. These TVs are much larger and have a clearer picture.

B. Film camera

The film camera was developed in the 1830s. These days, we use digital cameras and smartphones to take pictures, but some people still think film looks better and use film cameras today.

C. Sony Walkman

In the 1980s many people had a Walkman. You could listen to music tracks and cassette on it or make your own cassette ‘mix’ from the radio or from another cassette. These days we use MP3 players or smart phones.

26. When did the first black and white TV appear?

A. In 1970.                  B. In 1954.                  C. In 1830.                  D. In 1980.

27. What are the differences between a LCD television and a black and white one?

A. They are more expensive.                          B. They are smaller.

C. They have bigger size and clearer images. D. They are cheaper.

28. What do people think about old film cameras?

A. They are much more expensive than smartphones.

B. They take better pictures.

C. They are not as useful as digital cameras.

D. They are much cheaper than digital cameras.

29. What can’t you do with a Walkman?

A. Listen to music tracks.                               B. Listen to radio cassettes.

C. Make a cassette mix.                                  D. Chat with your friends.

30. When did people use Walkman the most?

A. In the 1990s.           B. Nowadays.             C. In the 1970s.           D. In the 1980s.

VII. Rewrite these sentences using the given suggestions.

31. Luna tried to catch the ball but she failed.

→ Luna didn’t_______________________________________.

32. In the 90s, people didn’t know much about the Internet.

→ The Internet wasn’t ________________________________.

33. I really love sports, in fact I think I’m a sports fanatic!

→ I am a big_________________________________________.

34. I’m not very interested in social networks.

→ I’m not_____________________________________________.

35. They didn’t hold the championship in 1995.

→ The championship ____________________________________.

VIII. Listen to a conversation and choose the best answer A, B or C for each question.

36. How does Michael feel about his trip around the world?

A. It was amazing.                  B. It was boring.                      C. It was relaxing.

37. What does Michael mean when he says he learnt so much about different people?

A. People’s characteristics are different.

B. People surprise him very much.

C. People do things differently.

38. In which countries is it rude to arrive on time?

A. North American countries.

B. South American countries.

C. South African countries.

B. Listen to the conversation again and decide if the sentences are True (T) or False (F).

39. In some places, a behaviour can be both good and bad.  …………………...

40. It’s rude to make noise when you are eating.       …………………...

---------------------THE END---------------------

Đề 3

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

1. A. idol                     B. invention                C. begin                       D. fridge

2. A. cooker                B. computer                C. experiment              D. kettle

3. A. charger               B. change                    C. machine                  D. chore

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.

4. A. basketball           B. professional            C. tournament             D. swimming

5. A. island                  B. ocean                      C. sentence                  D.  surprise

III. Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.

6. Jim ____ his leg three weeks ago in a football match.

A. breaks                     B. is breaking              C. break                       D. broke

7. I won a 100-meter ____ once, and I received a golden medal.

A. court                       B. match                      C. race                         D. sport

8. Alan is crazy for outdoor games like volleyball and marathon. He’s ________ sports.

A. fanatic                    B. not really into         C. a big fan of             D. not very keen on

9. “________________________” - “I do judo in my free time.”

A. Are you interested in sports?                    

B. What do you do in your free time?

C. What did you do when you were younger?

D. Are you a sports fanatic?

10. The battery of my smartphone is dying. Give me the __________.

A. hairdryer                 B. helicopter                C. charger                    D. kettle

11. ”When  __________ these game consoles?” - “In the 90s, I think.”

A. they produced        B. did they produce    C. were they produce  D. do they produce

12. “Did you lock the door before you went out?” - “__________.”

A. Yes, I did               B. No, I did                 C. Yes, I do                 D. Yes, I didn’t

13. In many Asian countries, you have to __________ your shoes if you want to visit someone’s home.

A. take off                   B. take on                    C. taking off               D. to take off

14. There is __________  special statue in New York. It is __________ Statue of Liberty.

A. a - a                        B. a - an                       C. a - the                     D. the - the

15. __________ is the language that a person learns from earliest childhood.

A. Foreign language   B. Ethnic language      C. Native language       D. Nation language

IV. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple affirmative or negative form of the verbs in brackets.

16. Jenny  _______________ (wash) her hair yesterday.

17. Lan ______________ (not clean) the house this morning.

18. __________ Peter __________ (break) his leg 3 days ago?

19. Nick ______________ (not see) his friends last night.

20. Linda and Mai _______________ (not come) to school today.

V. Read the text and the statements below. Which person (A, B, or C) is each sentence about? You can use the letters more than once.

Young Sports Stars

A = Martin Odegaard

B = Belinda Bencic

C = Matheus Paulo

Martin Odegaard from Norway was born on 17 December 1998 and plays for one of the world’s best football clubs, Real Madrid, Spain. He started playing professionally for Stromsgodset Toppfotball on 13 April 2014, and was their youngest ever goal scorer. He plays for the Norway national team too.

Belinda Bencic, born 10 March 1997, is a Swiss tennis player. In 2013, she won the French Open and Wimbledon girls' singles titles. Bencic’s coach is her father, who moved to Switzerland from Czechoslovakia in 1968. In 2015, she won against the best tennis player in the world, Serena Williams.

Matheus Paulo de Santana was born on April 2, 1996 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He won his first national swimming competition in November 2011. At the Youth Olympics in August 2014, he won a silver medal in the 50-meter race and a gold in the 100-meter one and broke the junior world record.

Who …

21. … is the oldest?

22. … came second in a competition in 2014?

23. … was the youngest goal scorer of his team?

24. … is from Switzerland?

25. … learns about their sport from a member of their family?

VI. Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

One of the  greatest waterfalls in the world lies on the Zimbezi River, which (26)______ the border between Zambia and Zimbabe. Some people think it is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Upstream, the river (27)______ through a wide valley. You could probably see Victoria Falls from 25 to 40 miles away and see its spray rising 1 000 feet into the air (28)_____ seven miles away. Long before you even see the waterfalls you can (29) _____ the roaring of the water. Victoria Falls was discovered by David Livingstone in 1855. The falls (30)_______ in honor of Queen Victoria. There is no doubt that Victoria Falls is a Wonder of The Natural World.

26. A. form                 B. to form                    C. forms

27. A. runs                  B. flow                        C. flows

28. A. from                 B. of                            D. out

29. A. touch                B. hear                         D. watch

30. A. named              B. was named             D. were named

VII. Reorder the words and write the meaningful sentences.

31. went / ago. / walk / park / twenty / the / I / for / minutes / a / in

=> _____________________________________________.

32. brother / football / friends. / Yesterday / played / my / his / with

=>  _____________________________________________.

33. free / I / friends / in / my / my / time. often / hang / with / out

=>  _____________________________________________.

34. tennis / was / Her / he / when / player / great / was / a / father / younger.

=>  _____________________________________________.

35. first / Football / When / the / Women’s / was / World Cup?

=>  _____________________________________________.

VIII. Listen to the radio programme about the things that people didn’t like in the past and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

36. Speaker 1 says the meat her grandma cooked was _________.

A. delicious                 B. almost black           C. like soup                 D. soft

37. Speaker 1 thinks that _________.

A. her grandmother’s cake was fantastic

B. her grandmother’s meat was tasty

C. her grandmother’s cooking was excellent

D. her grandmotther’s vegetables were very hard

38. Which kind of music does Speaker 2’s dad like?

A. rock                                    B. counry                    C. techno                     D. pop

39. What type of TV programmes does Speaker 2’s dad like?

A. game shows            B. comedy                   C. science fiction        D. drama

40. What did Speaker 2 think about Pop music shows and comedies?

A. interesting              B. exciting                   C. terrible                    D. annoying

--------------------THE END--------------------

Đề 4

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

1. A. Chicago              B. chat                         C. charge                     D. cheap

2. A. language             B. message                  C. massage                  D. village

3. A. nation                 B. question                  C. population              D. position

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.

4. A. address               B. agree                       C. begin                       D. kitchen

5. A. cartoon               B. smartphone             C. website                   D. email

III. Choose the best answer for each question.

6. In the 1990s, people didn’t __________ television much.

A. watched                 B. watching                 C. watch                      D. was watched

7. When I was your age, I often __________ to the radio at noon.

A. listen                       B. listened                   C. was listening           D. am listening

8. In the 1990s, Google quickly __________ the most popular search engine on the Internet.

A. become                   B. became                   C. becoming                D. becomes

9. “Technology is getting better and better these days.” - “__________. I think they are more useful than in the past.”

A. I don’t think so       B. I’m not sure            C. I disagree                D. I think so too

10. Lance Amstrong is one of the most famous international __________. He inspired a lot of people to ride bikes.

A. cyclists                   B. players                    C. runners                    D. swimmers

11. “When was your school’s swimming competition?” - “It was 3 months ________.”

A. ago                         B. after                                    C. before                     D. then

12. When she was a child, she often _____ chess with her father.

A. play                         B. played                     C. plays                       D. was playing

13. These people are __________. They don’t go to school and they cannot read or write.

A. famous                   B. unwilling                C. illiterate                  D. unable

14. In China, you have to __________ a present with two hands.

A. have                        B. make                       C. send                        D. give

15. It is rude to __________ the queue. You __________ wait for your turn!

A. wait - have to                                             B. jump - don’t have to

C. jump - have to                                            D. wait - mustn’t

IV. Read the interview and decide if each statement is true (T) or false (F).

Life in a Nineteenth-Century House

As part of a recent TV programme, a twenty-first-century family spent one month living in the same way as people in the 1850s. Two weeks after that, we talked to Albert, one of the children, about his experience.

Q: What was the best thing about the experience?

A: I think it was finding lots of exciting things to do. I climbed a lot of trees and made lots of things. I really enjoyed doing these things and didn’t really think about using my laptop or smartphone.

Q: And what about the worst thing?

A: The education! We learnt everything at home with Mum and Dad. Not all children had to go to school until 1880. Most young people my age already had jobs. I felt very happy to have a good school! My mom wasn’t very happy because she had to do a lot of things at home. She felt great to return back to the twenty-first century!

16. The family lived like people in the 1800s.                       

17. They stayed in the house for two weeks.              

18. Albert really missed playing on the computer.                 

19. Albert liked education in the 19th century.                      

20. Albert’s mum preferred life back then to life now.

V. Complete the passage below by using the modal verbs given in the box.

have to                                don’t have to                                  mustn’t

Cultural rules in Việt Nam

If you want to travel to Việt Nam, you should know about some cultural rules in this country. In Việt Nam, elders are respected, so you (21)__________ be careful when you talk to them. But with younger people, you (22)__________ be too respectful. You also (23)__________ waste food if you go to a restaurant. This is because food is an important part of Vietnamese culture. What’s more, you (24)__________ be late when you have a meeting with someone in Việt Nam, because Vietnamese people are punctual. Isn’t it cool?

VI. Read the letter and choose the best answer to complete each blank.

Dear Mary,

I’m very glad (25) ______ that you are going to visit Ha Noi this summer. Would you like me to tell you something (26) ______ Ha Noi before you go?

Well, Ha Noi is a cultural and political center of Viet Nam. In Ha Noi, you can find ancient houses and modern buildings. Ha Noi is a large city now, and there are many places worth (27) _____. You can visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, One-Pillar Pagoda, Kiem Lake and West Lake. Besides, you can enjoy the Vietnamese food, (28) _____________, grilled fish, spring rolls, steamed rolls and “pho” - a special dish of Viet Nam. However, I would like to recommend that you (29) _______visit Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa because these places attract a lot of visitors due to their magnificent caves, beautiful limestone islands and natural landscapes in Ha Long Bay and their tribal villages, nice mountain slopes and jungles streams in Sa Pa.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Ha Noi and I hope you (30) _______ have a nice holiday in Viet Nam.



25. A. know                B. to know                  C. knowing                 D. knew

26. A. about                B. of                            C. at                            D. in

27. A. seeing               B. see                          C. seen                        D. saw

28. A. as                      B. of                            C. such as                    D. such

29. A. can                    B. should                     C. must                        D. may

30. A. have to             B. may                         C. will                         D. must

VII. Make questions for the following answers.

31. _____________________________________________.

=> I’m not really into sports.

32. _____________________________________________.

=> I play video games in my free time.

33. _____________________________________________.

→ There were twelve players in each team.

34. _____________________________________________.

→ No, I don’t want to be a professional sportsperson in the future.

35. _____________________________________________.

→ My favourite sports star is Messi.

V. Listen to a radio program about sports with two callers and decide if the sentences below are True (T) or False (F). 

36. The programme is about famous sportspeople.                                       

37. Keira beat Serena Williams in a tennis match.                            

38. The match was to make money for charity.                                 

39. Emmanuel did a long running race last month.                           

40. Emmanuel finished the race in 2 days and 13 hours.                  

-------------------THE END-------------------

Đề 5

I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. sure                     B. stupid                     C. spring                      D. send

2. A. ache                    B. school                     C. machine                  D. chemical

3. A. magazine            B. side                         C. hide                        D. high

II. Choose the word whose main stress in different from the others.

4. A. paper                  B. pencil                      C. picture                    D. police

5. A. parade                B. copy                        C. replace                    D. arrive

III. Choose the best answer for each question.

6. The __________ of Australia is about twenty six million.

A. population              B. popular                   C. money                     D. language

7. My friend and I joined in a junior tennis tournament __________.

A. everyday                B. next month             C. in 2014                   D. every Sunday

8. Our teammate _________ a goal and we won the match.

A. won                        B. matched                  C. played                     D. scored

9. Milan is a ________ . He participates in a lot of championships and competitions.

A. sports fanatic          B. sports fan                C. sportsman               D. sports centre

10. I’m __________ sports because they are boring to me. I prefer dancing and knitting.

A. not interested         B. not really into         C. love                         D. keen on

11. “Where __________ in the summer?” - “I went to the beach with my cousins.”

A. do you go               B. you went                C. did you go              D. didn't you go 

12. Smartphones are very __________ because they help us with a lot of things.

A. boring                     B. useful                      C. rude                        D. fun

13. “_______________________?” - “No, I didn’t!”

A. Have you got a good sleep last night?

B. Did you have a good sleep last night?

C. Do you have a good sleep last night?

D. Are you having a good sleep last night?

14. How many __________ are there in your MP3 Player?

A. tracks                       B. experiments           C. inventions        D. emails

15. Years ago, there weren’t many search engines to get information. It was a pain in the __________!

A. leg                          B. cheek                      C. neck                        D. eye

IV. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the most suitable response to complete each of the following exchanges.

16. A: To connect your phone to wi-fi, you have to go to settings. Do you understand?

      B: No, I’m sorry. __________.

A. I see.                                                           B. Oh right!                

C. Well, it’s not difficult.                                D. I don’t get it.

17. A: What are you doing?

      B: I’m sending a text to my friends on Facebook.

      A: __________. What’s Facebook?

A. I’m not sure I understand.                         B. I’m glad you like it.

C. Know what I mean?                                   D. That’s so boring.

V. Give the correct form of each word in the brackets.

18. In the early years of the twentieth century, motor _______ was a popular sport. It was very exciting. (race)

19. Last month Birmingham schoolgirl Becky Carter and her family took part in The Big Switch Off, an experiment to live without ________ for a month. (electric)

20. _________, many H'Mong people believe that daughters should work, and going to school is only for the sons. (tradition)

VI. Fill in each numbered blank with the correct answer.

Benefits of playing sports

Firstly, playing sports can give you a (21)_____ life and a fit body. You will be more active and healthier by playing sports. To illustrate, you can have a lower chance (22) ____ getting a serious illness such as a heart attack or high blood pressure.

In other words, it increases your resistance to illness. in leisure time, you can play sports with your friends or your relatives, this not (23) ______ helps you but also motivates everyone around you to take part in sports and have good health.

Moreover, you also need to allow and encourage children to play sports, especially some outside activities such as football, basketball or volleyball to decrease the time that your children spend sitting in front of computers or (24)______ television. These sports can help them have endurance, quickness and even teach them how to improve team spirit and work in groups. These sports  also teach them how to communicate (25)____ their teammates, and show them how active and creative they are.

21. A. health               B. healthy                    C. unhealth                  D. unhealthy

22. A. in                      B. with                        C. of                            D. to

23. A. only                  B. when                       C. while                       D. also

24. A. watch                B. watched                  C. watches                  D. watching

25. A. to                      B. for                           C. with                        D. at

VII. Read the passage and decide if the sentences are True (T) or False (F).


A visit to Scotland often begins in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. Edinburgh is an old city with many important and interesting buildings. After London, Edinburgh is the second city for visitors in Britain every year.

Edinburgh is a hilly city but it is a good city to visit on foot. You can look at the shops on the Royal Mile of Princes Street in the New Town. Some shops sell the famous Scottish tartans and you can see the name of the family which goes with each tartan. Near Princes Street is Charlotte Square, which is very beautiful. There is also the National Gallery of Scotland, with pictures from Scotland and from many other countries too.

In August, you can visit the Edinburgh Festival, the biggest arts festival in the world in autumn, with hundreds of different things to do and see.

26. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland.            

27. More people visit London than Edinburgh every year.   

28. Visitors should not visit Edinburgh on foot.       

29. In the National Gallery of Scotland, you can only see Scottish paintings.         

30. The Edinburgh Festival takes place in the fall.   

VIII. Reorder the words and write the meaningful sentences.

31. should/ passwords./ You/ people/ tell/ online/ not/ your

=> _____________________________________________.

32. communicate/ English/ us/ she/ speak/ with/ can/ Vietnamese./ Our/ classmate/ because

=> _____________________________________________.

33. foreign language/ want/ learn?/ you/ Is/ any/ to/ other/ there

=> _____________________________________________.

34. online/ parents/ me/ friends./ questions/ my/ My/ ask/ new/ a lot of/ about

=> _____________________________________________.

35. I/ cannot/ understand/ can/ communicate/ us/ / goodbye

=> _____________________________________________?

IX. Listen and choose the correct option.

36. Beth and Eva met at primary / secondary school.

37. Gwen and Becky are no longer / still friends.

38. Ben and Charlie lived / didn't live next to each other.

39. Lisa and Tina liked boys'/ girls' toys.

40. Lisa and Tina liked the same / different food.

----------------------THE END----------------------

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