Task 2 - Read the task and the essay. Do you agree with the writer's general opinion? Why? /Why not? - SHS Friends Global 11 page 81

1. Nội dung câu hỏi

Students should be encouraged to choose vocational courses at university instead of more traditional courses. Discuss.


Some people maintain that the benefits of vocational courses are greater than those of more traditional ones. That is the question we need to consider. It is certainly true that the workplace is becoming more competitive. A vocational course may be a more direct route into

employment compared to traditional courses. It is also undeniable that certain jobs (for example nurse, hairdresser) are only available to people with a vocational qualification. On the other hand, choosing a vocational course means deciding what job you want to do when you are still

at school. Many people believe this is too early. How can a teenager know what job is right for him or her? Another problem is that vocational courses only focus on what you need to learn for a particular job. Is it not better for students to explore other interests while at university? On

balance, I do not believe that students should choose vocational courses unless they are sure what career they want to follow. It is wiser to opt for a course that really interests you.


2. Phương pháp giải

Đọc nhiệm vụ và bài luận. Bạn có đồng ý với ý kiến chung của nhà văn? Tại sao tại sao không?


3. Lời giải chi tiết

I agree with the writer's general opinion that students should choose vocational courses only if they are sure what career they want to follow. Vocational courses are job-specific, but traditional courses allow students to explore different subjects and develop a broader range of skills.

Moreover, vocational courses can be expensive and the job market can change quickly.

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