Task B - Complete the notes. Use words from the reading - SHS Explore English 8 page 88

1. Nội dung câu hỏi


WHYauthentic connection with the local culture in a (1) __________ and with a (2) ___________
WHERE(3) _____________

going on (4) ___________ cruises


picking fruits

visiting local (5) ___________

exploring local areas by (6) ___________ and / or (7) ____________ cooking

enjoy traditional (8) ____________


Living like locals in Southern Viet Nam

Have you ever thought of traveling around the southern part of Viet Nam and experiencing the life of the locals? If so, living in a countryside homestay with a local family might be better than staying in a hotel.

A homestay is a form of accommodation where travelers stay overnight in locals’ houses. There are many different activities that homestays can offer, such as going on river cruises, fishing, picking fruit, and visiting local workshops. Moreover, the hosts can help with lending bicycles and hiring

motorbikes so you can explore the area on your own.

If this is not something for you, you can simply participate in the owner's family activities, from preparing foods to cooking and serving. You will have many chances to talk to the host family and see how things are done the Vietnamese way. You can also enjoy their secret talents, like playing musical

instruments and singing don ca tai tu—traditional music of the locals.

Countryside homestays help you connect with the local culture in a home, with a family, and in a real-life setting, which can be a highly valuable experience.

2. Phương pháp giải

Đọc lại đoạn văn bản và điền các thông tin phù hợp vào ô trống


3. Lời giải chi tiết


WHYauthentic connection with the local culture in a (1) countryside and with a (2) local family
WHERE(3) in locals' houses in the southern part of Viet Nam

going on (4) river cruises


picking fruits

visiting local (5) workshops

exploring local areas by (6) lending bicycle  and / or (7) hiring motorbikes cooking

enjoy traditional (8) music of the locals

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