Tổng hợp 5 đề thi học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 10 English Discovery có đáp án

Lựa chọn câu hỏi để xem giải nhanh hơn
Đề 1
Đề 2
Đề 3
Đề 4
Đề 5
Lựa chọn câu hỏi để xem giải nhanh hơn
Đề 1
Đề 2
Đề 3
Đề 4
Đề 5

Đề 1

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. doubt                 

B. debt                       

C. bomber                  

D. tablet


A. postage              

B. listen                      

C. fasten                     

D. castle

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. conserve            

B. litter                       

C. exotic                     

D. recycle


A. environment      

B. deforest                 

C. rainforest               

D. container

III. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

5. If the colour or fabric is not to your liking, simply send it back for a full __________.

A. receipt                   

B. refund                    

C. discount                 

D. bonus

6. Residents have called for a campaign to __________ rubbish in public places in the bins.

A. lay                         

B. put                         

C. place                      

D. set

7. During the Tet holiday, people often go to pagodas and temples to pray __________ good health and fortune.

A. to                           

B. for                          

C. at                           

D. with

8. In Vietnam, students __________ to secondary school when they finish grade 5. 

A. line up                   

B. move up                 

C. keep up                  

D. go up

9. Designer clothes __________      at a higher price nowadays.

A. are often sold        

B. is often sold           

C. were often sold      

D. are often selling

10. Michael asked __________ there were a lot of ecotours in Việt Nam.

A. for                         

B. where                     

C. is                            

D. whether

11. The smoke from __________ is a meaningful sign of prayers going up to heaven.

A. insence                  

B. inscent                   

C. incence                  

D. incense

12. Our school has a large __________ where we can play football.

A. sports field            

B. cafeteria                 

C. staff room              

D. classroom

13. There are only __________ items of clothes in this shop that fit me.

A. a little                    

B. any                       

C. a few                     

D. many

14. It is important to protect the environment __________ the harmful effects of tourism.

A. from                      

B. for                          

C. with                       

D. of

15. If I __________ you, I would take that red dress.

A. was                        

B. were                       

C. am                          

D. have been

IV. Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. You can buy these bracelets on special offer at the local __________. (JEWELLERY)

17. __________ clothes are often sold at higher prices yet with better quality. (DESIGN)

18. Ecotourism programmes provide immediate benefits to local __________. (COMMUNITY)

19. __________ tours have saved a lot of endangered animals. (CONSERVE)

20. During Buddha’s Birthday ________, people gather around pagodas and temples to light up lanterns and leave them on the river. (CELEBRATE)

V. Listen to a radio interview about buying at a charity shop and decide whether the following sentences are true (T) or false (F).

21. Buying clothes in charity shops is fun but expensive.

22. Maxine is a fashion design student.

23. Kings Road is in West London.   

24. Chelsea is well-known for its clothes shops.       

25. It’s possible that Maxine bought a dress that belonged to a celebrity.

VI. Read the text and choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the blank below.

The idea of ecotourism as an environment-based, ethically delicate figure of tourism was (26) _________ with enthusiasm since there seemed to be some sufferers. Governments were provided suitable escape plans as ecotourism satisfied the eco-conservationists and regional populations (27) _________ still rendered earnings. Eco-conservationists observed ecotourism as an option to mass tourism as well as (28) _________ natural resource abusing ways. Regional populations thought of getting at least a part of the vacationist’s money, generating employment possibilities and providing them control over the impact (29) _________ their own communities. It appeared that the advantages of mass tourism were to be developed in the modern phase of ecotourism (30) _________ ethical, communal and ecological elements.


A. set up               

B. taken up                 

C. driven up               

D. given up


A. so                     

B. but                         

C. and                        

D. or


A. its                    

B. their                                   

C. our                         

D. his


A. in                     

B. by                          

C. with                       

D. on


A. including         

B. to include               

C. include                   

D. included

VII. Read the passage and decide whether the sentences are True (T), False (F) or Not Given (NG).

Text A: India

Indian house-warming gifts can get a little bit messy. In Indian culture, it’s common to bless a new house by mixing milk and rice together and boiling the mixture until it overflows. This ritual is the symbol of wealth and a long life. If you really don’t mind making a mess, another house-warming gift that you can offer the homeowners is a cow. When you bring the cow inside the new home, remember to put on a holy garland around its neck. This seems strange when you turn your house into a farm, but it makes a lot of sense for cows which are important in Indian culture.

Text B: Russia

Bringing bread and salt into a new home is a nice house-warming gift for they have meaningful symbols. A gift of bread helps make sure that the homeowners will never go hungry, and salt will offer a life full of flavours. This ritual took place in Russia a while ago and now many countries also practis     e this tradition as well. What’s more interesting is that even astronauts from space bring bread and salt before they go inside the Space Station. Another interesting ritual in Russia is letting your cat enter the house before you do. The reason the Russians do this is that they believe this will bring good luck for the owners. A bank in Russia even lent cats to its customers for 2 hours each time.

31. Both paragraphs mention rituals that involve animals.               

32. In Indian tradition, the mixture of rice and milk represents a long life.

33. Before going to a house-warming party in Russia, guests can offer homeowners some bread to not feel hungry.

34. Both paragraphs mention the mixture of milk and bread as house-warming gifts.

35. Russian people often let the cow enter their house first before they do because this will bring good luck.

VIII. Use the words in capitals to rewrite the sentences. Do not change the given word.

36. There isn’t anyone in this shop who is available to help me.

=> There is _________________________________________.

37. Nam asked his father, ‘Where do you see the elephants?’

=> Nam asked his father ______________________________.

38. I am not rich, I can’t take my whole family on a packaged tour to Europe.

=> If ______________________________________________.

39. There is a nice café. We can go there. (where)

=> ________________________________________________.

40. I don’t have enough money to buy designer clothes. (afford)

=> I can’t ___________________________________________.

-------------------------THE END-------------------------

Đề 2

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. offer                  

B. worship                  

C. coffee                    

D. important


A. corridor             

B. science                   

C. library                    

D. line

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. cotton                

B. perfume                 

C. refund                    

D. special


A. product              

B. except                    

C. shopping                

D. bracelet

III. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

5. Hoa’s got __________ money to afford herself a car.

A. very few                

B. much                      

C. a lots of                 

D. very little

6. Since ecotours often take place in remote areas, it is necessary to provide tourists __________ a right travel insurance plan.

A. from                      

B. for                          

C. with                        

D. of

7. The statue of King Ly Thai To is a large sculpture that people put up to __________ the first King of the Ly Dynasty.

A. celebrate                

B. miss                       

C. commemorate        

D. remind

8. Students __________ exhaust themselves before the exam don't usually get good grades.

A. who                        

B. which                     

C. where                     

D. why

9. The __________ is where you can buy those gold bracelets.

A. jeweller’s               

B. butcher’s                

C. optician’s               

D. charity shop

10. Cà Mau’s residents __________ a large number of trees to fight erosion.

A. plant                      

B. build                      

C. place                      

D. stock

11. Normally, Mother’s Day __________ on the second Sunday of May, but this year we’re celebrating it early.

A. celebrates              

B. holds                      

C. takes place             

D. drops

12. __________ our class finishes, we will line up by the door and move to the gym. 

A. Unless                   

B. When                     

C. If not                     

D. Where

13. Yesterday at my birthday party, I __________ a pair of trainers by my best friend – Minh.

A. am given                

B. gave                     

C. was given              

D. was being given

14. Việt Nam’s wildlife habitat is home to many __________ creatures, such as leaf-nosed bats, flying squirrels, and Indian elephants.

A. ordinary                 

B. foreign                   

C. unnatural               

D. exotic

15. In many parts of the world, people teach children to __________ respect to the elderly.

A. pay                        

B. give                        

C. offer                      

D. send

IV. Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. Some people avoid buying no-name __________ because they think the quality isn’t ensured. (PRODUCTION)

17. Many people become so __________ with buying branded clothes. (OBSESSION)

18. This area has largely been __________ due to poor planning. (FOREST)

19. The new policy will be the first scheme to offer __________ against environmental damage. (PROTECT)

20. If I take a gap year, I will be a university _________ next year. (GRADUATION)

V. Listen and circle the correct choice.

21. The Tomatina festival in Spain takes place __________.

A. on the last Wednesday in August

B. on the first Wednesday in August

C. on the last Thursday in August.

22. What do people in the Tomatina festival do before they throw tomatoes?

A. They don’t hurt anyone at the festival.

B. They go to the streets.

C. They crush the tomatoes.

23. Where do the oranges in the Battle of the Oranges come from?

A. The north of Italy.             

B. The south of Italy.             

C. Outside Italy.

24. Where does the Hokitika festival take place?

A. Spain.                                

B. Italy.                                 

C. New Zealand.

25. What is wild food in Hokitika festival?

A. food you find outside the city.

B. food in the supermarket.                                                    

C. food in the jungle.

VI. Read the text and choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the blank below.

I went (26) ________ a trip to Sapa last November and had a great time. However, during the trip, I fell off a motorbike and broke my arm. Some locals took me to a nearby hospital, (27) ________ I was surprised to see a young American woman working. She asked: "How did you hurt your arm?" I told her I (28) ________ the beautiful landscape and rainforest when I fell off my motorbike.

I asked her what she was doing in a hospital in Việt Nam. She was spending a year as a volunteer at a local hospital. She wanted to learn about the village (29) ________, so she came to Việt Nam.

After the doctor helped me, the American volunteer asked me where my hotel was. I told her and she arranged someone (30) ________ me there. She told me to stay off motorbikes for a while.


A. on                    

B. out                         

C. for                          

D. off


A. which              

B. where                     

C. there                      

D. when


A. admired                       

B. had admired          

C. was admiring         

D. used to admire


A. health              

B. healthcare              

C. wealth                    

D. lifestyle


A. take                 

B. taking                    

C. took                       

D. to take

VII. Read the passage and and complete the summary below with no more than two words for each blank.

Branding has played a large part in consumer behaviour for many years. Why is wearing someone else’s brand so important to our society, instead of deciding on our own what is good taste and what is not?

First, wearing branded clothes can tell others where we are on the economic scale. There is a certain order in society and wearing branded products tells those we meet that we are in a lower group, the same group or a higher socioeconomic group than they are, depending on the prestige and price of the items worn.

Second, there is, of course, a sense of pride in ownership. Everyone wants to own beautiful and well-made things, and branded products tend to be of high quality. Each time you shut the car door and hear that classic “thud”, it tells you that you have purchased a well-made machine. Every morning when you get up and slip that gold watch over your hand, you take a moment just to appreciate its art.

Finally, branding lets you free from worries. When a man goes shopping for his wife and he knows she likes a certain brand, he doesn’t have to think any further than the brand name. Anything that has that particular name on it will please his wife. Individuals no longer think about what is good design or bad; if it has some well-advertised name on it, it must be good. If there is something wrong with the products, we can easily ask for a refund.

Branded products have played an important part in our society. First, we can tell others where we are on the (31) __________ when we wear branded clothes. This often depends on the prestige and the price of the things we wear. Second, these products can give us a sense of (32) _________ in ownership. This is because branded merchandise is often well-made and of high (33) __________. Finally, branding frees you from (34) __________. For example, when a man wants to give his wife a present, anything with a name on it is likely to please her. In case there is a defect in the product purchased, people can demand a (35) __________

VIII. Use the words in capitals to rewrite the sentences. Do not change the given word.

36. Fairtrade has improved the lives of local farmers.

=> The lives of local farmers ___________________.

37. Mai asked me, ‘Do you want to see a mountain tomorrow?’

=> Mai asked me _____________________________.

38. You don’t look closely the picture. You can’t see a small house and many trees.

=> If _______________________________________.

39. I know a boy. He speaks perfect Chinese. (who)

=> I know a boy ______________________________.

40. Is there a place where we can buy cheaper clothes? (anywhere)

=> Is _______________________________________?

-------------------------THE END-------------------------

Đề 3

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. playground        

B. classmate               

C. timetable                

D. canteen


A. lunar                  

B. pagoda                   

C. commemorate        

D. attend

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. offer                  

B. afford                    

C. agree                      

D. obsess


A. addicted            

B. charity                   

C. designer                 

D. material

III. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

5. I prefer to wear __________ with nice natural materials and they can last for ages.

A. good quality clothes                                  

B. branded clothes

C. low quality clothes                                    

D. perfume

6. To fight global warming, we need to __________ our daily energy use.

A. keep                       

B. limit                       

C. increase                  

D. make

7. If she didn’t have her purse with her, we __________ able to pay for our meals.

A. would not have been                                 

C. will not have been

B. would not be                                              

D. will not be

8. In the past, the Greek built many temples in  their       towns to __________ their Gods.

A. celebrate                

B. worship                  

C. remember               

D. bless

9. English is__________ in my school. That means everybody has to study it.

A. comprehensive      

B. optional                 

C. compulsory            

D. compulsive

10. My mother couldn’t buy __________ in that shop because __________ would cost a fortune.

A. something – everything                             

B. anything – everything

C. everything – anything                               

D. anything – anything

11. She didn’t quite approve __________ the way people threw away the waste. (preposition)

A. to                           

B. at                           

C. of                           

D. with

12. A person who goes on a trip for religious reasons is called a/an __________.

A. offering                 

B. visitor                    

C. prayer                    

D. pilgrim

13. Many teachers find __________ classes challenging because they need to teach students of different levels.

A. mixing ability        

B. mix ability             

C. mixed abilities       

D. mixed ability

14. You __________ window shopping to compare prices of clothes at different shops.

A. go                          

B. look                       

C. take                        

D. get

15. The Japanese can __________ more than half of their waste paper every year.

A. use                         

B. conserve                

C. limit                       

D. recycle

IV. Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. Many villages and routes in Sapa provide tourists with great __________ and untamed corners. (WILD)

17. Mai Châu is one of the most popular places to go __________ in Việt Nam. (TREK)

18. My favorite __________ subjects are Chemistry and Physics. What are yours? (ACADEMY)

19. A lot of money has been recently invested in helping the local ________ get fair prices. (FARM)

20. It can be seen that a lot of effort has been made to meet the _________ requirements of Fairtrade in this area since farmers are still paid so little for their products. (INCREASED)

V. Trâm and Uyên are packing to go on a hiking trip. Listen to their conversation and mark the statements true (T) or false (F).

21. Trâm and Uyên are packing shorts and boots.

22. The sky will be clear in the mountains.

23. The trip package includes maps of the area.        

24. Uyên advises Trâm to take the compass with her.          

25. They prefer using plastic bags because they are convenient.

VI. Read the text and choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the blanks below.

When you come to the countryside of Vietnam, especially in Hue, you can see a lot of beautiful girls with a palm leaf conical hat on. The conical leaf hat is said the (26) _________ of the Vietnamese culture.

The hat is made (27) _________ a special kind of bamboo and young and soft palm leaves. The ribs are shaped into a conical form. The diametre of the hat is usually about between forty and fifty-five centimetres, (28) _________ it is about twenty-five or thirty centimetres high. The ribs are covered with palm leaves (29) _________ are tightly stiched onto the bamboo frame. Finally, the hat is usually painted with a coat of furniture - polish oil.

The palm leaf conical hat is mainly used (30) _________ from shine or rain. Beneath the broad rim of the hat do Vietnamese girls look more attractive and charming.


A. sign                  

B. signal                   

C. symbol                   

D. image


A. from                

B. by                          

C. with                       

D. of


A. but                   

B. and                         

C. or                           

D. so


A. what                

B. who                        

C. where                     

D. which


A. to protect         

B. protect                   

C. protecting              

D. protected

VII. Complete the letter. Use the following sentences (A-E).

A. To make matters worse, she raised her voice and attracted the attention of several of the other customers in the store.

B. I look forward to your reply.

C. I am writing to make a formal complaint about an incident that took place earlier today at the Nguyễn Chí Thanh branch of your clothing store.

D. I ask that you investigate the matter and that you replace my damaged top.

E. She looked at the hole and said there was no way it had been sold like that and accused me of making it myself!

Dear Sir or Madam,

(31) __________ I am extremely unhappy with the service I received.

I bought a top from the store last weekend but when I got home, I discovered it had a hole in the sleeve that I had not noticed while I was trying it on. I had kept my receipt and so returned to the store this morning to exchange the top.

At the store, I approached one of the assistants (whose name was Lan, according to her badge) and explained the situation. (32) __________ I tried to reason with her, but she would not listen. She said it was the customers’ responsibility to check for damage before leaving the shop. (33) __________ In the end, I left the shop feeling absolutely humiliated, extremely annoyed and without a new top.

(34) __________ It is simply unfair to treat paying customers in this way. (35) __________

Yours faithfully,

Emma Jennings

VIII. Use the words in capitals to rewrite the sentences. Do not change the given word.

36. Amy has written a report after her visit to our store.

=> A report __________________________________.

37. The students asked, ‘What can we do to protect the wilderness in this area?’

=> The students asked _________________________.

38. I am short. I can’t join basketball team at school.

=> If _______________________________________.

39. McDonald's is a restaurant. It sells hamburgers and chips. (which)

=> _________________________________________.

40. Ngọc said that she was going on a trekking tour the following month.

=> Ngọc said “_________________________________________”.

-------------------------THE END-------------------------

Đề 4

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. consumption      

B. pollution                

C. receipt                    

D. plastic


A. exotic                

B. designer                 

C. environment          

D. deforest

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. rainforest           

B. rubbish                   

C. recycle                   

D. ritual


A. wilderness         

B. location                  

C. container                

D. conserve


A. environment      

B. community            

C. friendship              

D. deforest

III. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

6. We are planning to build a school __________ there is no homework and timetables are flexible.

A. which                    

B. where                     

C.  that                        

D. who

7. I’m going on a trekking holiday to a __________ place which is full of beautiful scenery of nature.

A. exotic                    

B. wilderness             

C. remote                   

D. environment

8. Please bring me another shirt because this one doesn’t __________ me. It’s too large.  

A. suit                        

B. offer                      

C. fit                          

D. look

9. At the weekend, Minh may visit his grandparents on the outskirts __________ he may go to the movies with his friends.

A. or                           

B. nor                         

C. yet                         

D. so

10. The documentary reporter said that these penguins __________ in Antarctica, which is the place with the lowest temperature on Earth.  

A. lived                      

B. live                         

C. would live              

D. had lived

11. In Vietnam, it is compulsory for students to finish elementary school before __________ to secondary education.

A. moving up             

B. lining up                

C. keeping up             

D. catching up

12. On our hiking trip, it was very tiring to trek __________ the woods but we still enjoyed ourselves in the end.

A. by                          

B. with                        

C. from                       

D. through

13. A/An __________ is a person who goes on a long trip to a religious place.        

A. incense                  

B. pilgrim                   

C. goddess                 

D. pagoda

14. He had __________ money in his pocket so he still managed to buy the homeless man a meal.

A. very little               

B. very few                

C. a little                    

D. a few

15. In order to limit waste in the environment, we should __________.

A. harm the environment                               

B. conserve the animals         

C. offer medical care                         

D. put rubbish in the bin

IV. Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. It is typical in Vietnam and many other Asian countries to offer __________ to each other on the first days of Lunar New Year. (BLESS)

17. Even though __________ clothes are very expensive, they are high-quality and often last long. (DESIGN)

18. It is alarming that many green areas in the world have been __________ over the past few years. (FOREST)

19. We are planning to organize a reunion which includes all of our __________ in high school. (CLASS)

20. If you want to make a podcast, you should go to a __________ studio to avoid noises from the outside. (RECORD)

V. Listen to an interview about a hiking trip to Finland between two people on the radio. Choose the correct answer.


21. The hiking trip in Finland took place in __________.

A. three days              

B. eight days              

C. a week                   

D. three weeks

22. Robert went on a walk in the Oulanka National Park, which is in the __________ of Finland.

A. North-east             

B. South-west            

C. South-east             

D. North-west

23. The environment there is very fresh because __________.

A. the path is very flat                                   

B. the air is incredibly fresh

C. the local people always try to protect nature

D. Robert took the rubbish with himself

24. What thing is not mentioned as what Robert loved about the trip?

A. the beautiful views            

B. clear air      

C. sounds of nature    

D. the animals

25. What advice did Robert give to people who want to go on a hiking trip?

A. Fill your backpack with unnecessary things

B. Leave rubbish in the environment

C. Take the flat path

D. Keep the environment clean

VI. Read the text decide whether the statement is True or False.

How to buy clothes responsibly?

When you buy clothes, there are four ways that you should consider to become a responsible buyer.

A. Shop locally. You may have to pay a bit more for local brands but it’s good to support local producers. Although famous branded products which are sold in international chain stores are often cheaper, the workers that made these products typically work in poor working conditions and are paid low salaries. You should avoid these brands.

B. Make a list. When you go shopping, try not to buy unnecessary clothes by making a list of things that you really need. When you feel like buying another T-shirt, pause before taking out your wallet and look at your list. If it’s not on the list, don’t buy it. Or you can tell the shop assistant to put it away for you.

C. Choose natural materials. Nylon or polyester fabrics will harm the environment. You can choose to buy clothes that are made from natural material like wool instead. Besides, you should also look for brands that use recycled products.

D. Go for second-hand goods. If you shop in a charity shop, not only can you conserve the environment, but you’ll get something original, unlike other products that are mostly seen in chain stores. 

26. Local brands may be more expensive than products that are in international chain stores.

27. Workers that create products in international chain stores often receive low salaries.

28. Making a list when shopping can help you to buy unnecessary things.

29. We should not buy recycled products because it will harm the environment.

30. Buying clothes in a charity shop can help you get an original piece of clothes.

VII. Reorder the letter of complaint. Choose the letters (A-E) to fill in the blank.

A. Yesterday, a man finally called me back and told me that I could not return the dress because it had been over 3 days since I received it. I carefully explained to him but he did not listen.

B. I am writing to complain about the product that I bought from your company.

C. Last week, I ordered a dress from a local store in Hanoi and paid for them online. However, when I received the dress the next day, it had a hole on the back. I was very sad, so I tried to contact the website, but no one answered me. I waited a few days then I tried to contact the hotline again, but it did not work.

D. Dear Sir or Madam,

E. I am very disappointed with your service. I would be grateful if I could receive a full refund for the dress.

31. __________


33. __________

34. __________

35. __________

Yours faithfully,

A. Tucker

VIII. Use the word in capitals to rewrite the sentences. Do not change the given word.

36. I grew up in this village. It lies next to a beautiful river. (WHICH)

=> I ________________________________________________________________.

37. ‘Buy me some vegetables and cheese when you get to the supermarket.’, Linh said to us. (TOLD)

=> Linh ______________________________________________________________.

38. They are building a new sports field near the post office. (BUILT)

=> __________________________________________________________________.

39. Water pollution has made many aquatic animals die. (OF)

=> Many aquatic animals_________________________________________________.

40. Yesterday, somebody stole my laptop. (STOLEN)

=> My_______________________________________________________________.

------------------------THE END------------------------

Đề 5

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.


A. psychology        

B. jump                      

C. respect                   

D. product


A. knot                   

B. know                     

C. knife                      

D. key

II. Choose the word that has a different stressed syllable from the rest.


A. present               

B. medical                  

C. designer                 

D. exotic


A. production         

B. pollution                

C. location                  

D. organize

III. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

5. This morning Hannah asked me if I __________ tired because I stayed up all night yesterday. 

A. was                        

B. have been              

C. had been                

D. would be

6. Our teacher, Mrs. Grande, has been checking our homework in the __________ for the whole morning before he goes to our classroom.

A. school hall            

B. lab                          

C. library                    

D. staff room 

7. One of the best ways to conserve the environment is to __________ energy use.

A. consume                

B. increase                  

C. limit                       

D. protect

8. Yesterday, my friend and I went to a __________ to buy some friendship bracelets.

A. charity shop           

B. jeweller’s               

C. butcher’s                

D. stationer’s

9. __________ my classmates have passed the test successfully.

A. No one                   

B. None of                 

C. Not any                  

D. None

10. My mom is very nice. She always approves __________ me having some friends over.

A. with                       

B. about                     

C. of                           

D. in

11. The statue is constructed in the town square to __________ those who built the city.

A. commemorate        

B. celebrate                

C. worship                  

D. decorate

12. The government should offer __________ in remote places in the nation such as the mountainous areas.

A. energy use             

B. medical care          

C. used items              

D. waste

13. If there __________ pollution in this area, the local communities could organize some ecotours to attract visitors from all over the world.

A. was                        

B. were                       

C. was not                  

D. were not

14. My grandparents live in a huge building __________ was built 50 years ago.

A. which                    

B. where                     

C. it                            

D. when

15. Do you have __________ clothes to donate to the charity shop nearby our house?

A. many                     

B. a little                    

C. some                      

D. any

IV. Write the correct forms of the words in brackets.

16. The three children had been lost in the __________ in 2 days before the police found them. (WILD)

17. Many students in the world are silently struggling with __________ disorders without their parents’ support. (LEARN) 

18. Environmental __________ has been becoming a big problem that many countries in the world are having. (PROTECT)

19. I love buying designer clothes because they make me look __________. (beauty) 

20. Many people think that __________ products are of better quality than no-name products. (BRAND) 

V. You hear two friends, Pete and Amy, talking about their future. Listen and decide if the sentences are True (T) or False (F).

21. Pete has made plans for continuing his education after he leaves school.

22. Pete thinks he’d like to teach the subject he’s best at.

23. Amy does not intend to take a year out after she leaves school.

24. Amy knows she will have to study a long time to qualify in her chosen job.

25. Pete thinks that Amy might have problems with her choice of career.

VI. Read the text and choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the sentences below.

No more plastic bags

In 2011 a new law, the first of its kind in the UK, was passed in Wales. Shops were no longer allowed to give away free plastic bags to their customers. Instead, they had to charge a tax of 5p per bag, which was collected and given to charity. The results were amazing – within a year, the demand for supermarket bags fell by about ninety-six percent. The extra charge was enough to make Welsh shoppers change their habits and remember to take their own bags whenever they went shopping.

The tax was the result of a huge campaign, which was supported by a national newspaper, the Daily Mail, as well as various politicians and green campaigners. It is increasingly popular too. When it was introduced, it was supported by about fifty-nine percent of the Welsh population, but after only six months the figure was seventy percent.

There is no doubt that plastic bags are bad news for the environment. Every year in the UK about eighteen billion (18,000,000,000) plastic bags are given away by supermarkets – that’s about 290 bags per person. Most of them end up in landfill sites, where they remain for hundreds of years, polluting the environment. Wildlife is affected too. For example, every year a million seabirds die when they mistake bags floating on the sea for food.

All this is bad enough, but plastic bags damage the environment in other ways too. Before they reach the shops, they have already travelled thousands of miles – most of them are made in China or India and then shipped to countries in Europe, including the UK. Then, when they have been used (for an average of twenty minutes each) and thrown away, they are often shipped back again, because we are running out of space here.

The solution to this problem is obvious – stop producing so many plastic bags, and stop giving them away – but shoppers in the UK have been very slow to change their ways. However, the success of the Welsh tax shows that it is possible to change people’s shopping habits. According to researchers from Cardiff University, part of the reason for the popularity of the tax is that the money goes to charity, not the government. Certainly, hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised since the tax was introduced. The money has gone to a variety of good causes, including local children’s charities and the RSPB (the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

It is safe to conclude that the plastic bag tax has brought positive change to Wales.

26. In 2011, ______________________.

A. Welsh shops stopped giving away free plastic bags

B. Welsh shops stopped selling plastic bags

C. plastic bags were made illegal in Wales

D. Welsh shoppers stopped using plastic bags

27. Every year in the UK 18 billion plastic supermarket bags ______________.

A. are eaten by birds                          

B. are used

C. go to landfill sites                          

D. are bought by shoppers

28. Most plastic bags in the UK ________________.

A. are made locally                            

B. are imported from the rest of Europe

C. come from outside Europe            

D. are produced in Europe

29. The tax is popular in Wales because the money ______________.

A. helps the government                    

B. goes to India and China

C. goes to good causes                       

D. is given to politicians

30. In this article, the author shows ________________.

A no opinion                                      

B. sympathy to shoppers

C. approval of the tax                        

D. support for supermarkets

VII. Rearrange the given words to make complete sentences. Do not change the given words.

31. grateful / send / would / me / be / refund / the / for / product. / I / you / could / if / a

=> _________________________________________.

32. places / most / These / have / before. / are / tourists / visited / exotic / that / never

=> _________________________________________.

33. so / school, / Mai / struggles / with / to / it / concentrate / with / always / At / finds / she / homework / always

=> _________________________________________.

34. workshop / I / about / a / to / wrote / this / letter / enquire / a / morning.

=> _________________________________________.

35. Hung King. / who / offer / usually / flowers / People / pay / incense / go / this / respect / to / to / temple / and / to

=> _________________________________________.

VIII. Use the words in capitals to rewrite the sentences. Do not change the given word.

36. Hoa said, ‘I got up very early this morning to go on a hiking trip.’ (HAD)

=> _________________________________________.

37. Quan asked his friend, ‘Where did you visit last weekend?’ (KNOW)

=> _________________________________________.

38. They grow the sugar cane in three different regions. (IS)

=> _________________________________________.

39. She loves reading this book. It is about the life of a homeless man. (WHICH)

=> _________________________________________.

40. Tourists don’t visit this destination very often. (IS)

=> _________________________________________.

-------------------------THE END-------------------------

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