Tổng hợp 5 đề thi học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 6 Global Success có đáp án

Lựa chọn câu hỏi để xem giải nhanh hơn
Đề 1
Đề 2
Đề 3
Đề 4
Đề 5
Lựa chọn câu hỏi để xem giải nhanh hơn
Đề 1
Đề 2
Đề 3
Đề 4
Đề 5

Đề 1

I. Choose the word with a different way of pronunciation in the underlined part.


A. theatre               

B. than                        

C. think


A. contest               

B. exercise                  

C. expensive


A. game                  

B. gateway                 

C. racket


A. grow                  

B. towel                     

C. found

II. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

5. Refrigerators (be) _________ invented in 1834.

6. Space robot can (help) _________ scientists to explore other planets.

7. If there is no water, plants (die) _________.

8. _________ you (live) _________ on Mars in the future?

III. Choose the best option to complete each sentence.

9. When we go out, my dad always carries the _________ bag of all.

A. heavy                     

B. heavier                   

C. heaviest

10. I’m writing _________ poem. _________ poem is about 3Rs.

A. a/ The                    

B. a/ A                        

C. an/ The

11. Fansipan Peak is ________ than Son Tra Mountain.

A. more high              

B. higher                    

C. highest

12. When you create new products from used materials, you are _________.

A. recycling                

B. reducing                

C. reusing

13. My home robot can _________ clothes for me.

A. plant                      

B. water                     

C. iron

14. When I have free time, I like to _________ the Internet.

A. go                          

B. surf                       

C. play

15. In the future, robots can work as a _________ to keep our house safe.

A. watch                    

B. guard                     

C. viewer

16. If you come to Vietnam, don’t forget to try its_________ street food.

A. tasty                      

B. easy                        

C. helpful

17. Oh no, these are my pencils. _________ are over there!

A. You                        

B. Your                      

C. Yours

18. Kate: How ___________ do you play computer games? - Nick: Two or three times a week.

A. often                      

B. many                      

C. long

IV. Read the text about recycling. Circle the best answer A, B or C.

Recycling is beneficial. First, recycling means less trash, so it saves space in landfills. Second, if we use materials again, we can take fewer resources from the Earth. Third, recycling materials produce less pollution, so it helps to keep our environment clean.

So what can you do? Be sure to recycle everything you can at home and school. Always drop your used aluminum cans and plastic bottles in a recycling bin. Remember to put paper items like the newspaper, cereal boxes, and homework pages into the recycling bin, too. Besides, find creative ways to reuse old items before throwing them away.

Here are some fun facts about recycling. Old paper can be recycled around seven times. Glass is one of the best recycling materials. Clear glass can be recycled over and over again. In 2009, the United States recycled around 30% of all its waste and they found ways to recycle around 7 million tons of metals.

19. What is NOT a benefit of recycling?

A. It helps to protect the environment.

B. It saves the Earth’s resources.

C. It makes landfills safer places.

20. What can you drop in the recycling bin?

A. Glass bottles.                     

B. Paper worksheets.             

C. Old cereal.

21. Which is the best recycling material?

A. Metal.                                

B. Old paper.                          

C. Glass.

22. What might be the best title for this reading passage?

A. All about recycling

B. Reuse – Reduce – Recycle

C. Advantages and disadvantages of recycling

V. Circle the correct option to complete each blank.

Havana is the capital, and also the largest city (23) ________ Cuba. Havana celebrated (24) _________ 500th birthday in 2019. There are amazing things to see and (25) ________ in this city. For example, you can visit the National Aquarium and the house of Fuster, a well-known artist in Cuba. He decided to turn his house and the entire (26) ________ into a work of art. Don’t forget to have fun with the street performers. You might even get a free dancing lesson from some local people. Food in Havana is great. Kids might love to try Coppelia Ice Cream and Cuban sandwich. For adults, don’t miss Mojitos and Bucanero Beer, and of course, coffee. It is delicious and a (27) ________ of daily life here.


A. at                                 

B. of                           

C. on


A. its                                

B. his                          

C. her


A. do                                

B. go                          

C. view


A. neighbourhood            

B. neighbour              

C. area


A. thing                            

B. piece                      

C. part

VI. Rearrange the sentences. You cannot change the words.

28. There/ library/many/ the/ books/ are/ in/.


29. library/ loudly/ speak/ in/ don’t/ the/ .


30. car/ downtown/ An/ yesterday/ ,/ a / and/drove/ it/ rented.


31. might/ do/ you / control/ think / robots/ our world/ future/ in/ the/ ?


32. one/ largest/ The Mekong River/ of/ the/ the / rivers/ in / is/ world/ .


VII. Listen to Kate and James talking about houses in the future. Tick (🗸) T (True) or F (False). You will listen TWICE.

33. James wants to live on another planet.                

34. James’ house will have fifteen rooms.                 

35. James’ kitchen can give the smell of food.                     

36. James’ robot might speak Martian’s language.               

VIII. Listen to Mr. Wilson talking about the Future City competition. Fill in each gap with ONE WORD OR A NUMBER. You will listen TWICE.



- Grade 6th, 7th, and 8th students

- Compete in (37) _______ teams


- Living on the (38) _______             


- an essay

- a model of the city

- a (38) _______ plan

- a presentation video


- a scholarship of (40) _______ USD      

----------------------THE END----------------------

Đề 2

I. Listen to Peter talking about his dream house. Circle the correct answer A, B, or C. You will listen TWICE.

1. How will Peter move through his house?

A. On foot.                 

B. By car.                   

C. By train.

2. What will Peter do in his living room?

A. Watch films.          

B. Play computer games.

C. Sing a song.

3. How many swimming pools will there be in Peter’s house?

A. One.                      

B. Two.                      

C. Three.

4. What will be special about Peter’s car?

A. It can cook.           

B. It can swim.           

C. It can fly.

II. Listen to Mr. Wilson talking about tips for three R’s. Fill in each gap with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS. You will listen TWICE.

3R’s Actions

Reduce – (5) _________ toys with friends

- borrow or rent books and movies

- buy (6) _________ items

Reuse - bring along a reusable water bottle

- use (7) _________ of the paper

Recycle - (8) _________ presents with used papers

III. Read the text about e-sports. Circle the correct answer A, B, or C.

Millions of people play games for fun. However, there are professional gamers. They practise for ten or more hours a day, five or six days a week. They earn money by playing competitive computer games, or e-sports!

Then, are e-sports really sports? Some say no. E-sports players don’t need to run, jump, throw or do big physical actions. At the moment, the UK government classifies e-sports as kinds of games, not as sports. But others say yes: e-sports are sports. Players do need some physical skills, especially hand–eye coordination, quick reaction. They also need to be accurate and good at timing. In fact, the governments of China and South Korea classify e-sports as sports, and they will be an official medal sport in the Asian Games starting from 2022.

How about you? Do you think e-sports are real sports?

9. What is TRUE about professional gamers?

A. They play games for fun.

B. Playing games is their job.

C. They compete with computers.

10. Why do some people think e-sports are not sports?

A. Because e-sports players are not physically strong.

B. Because the government says that e-sports are games.

C. Because e-sports don’t require much body movement.

11. What skill does an e-sports player need?

A. Throwing a dart accurately.

B. Being good at timing.

C. Running fast.

12. Which country classify e-sports as real sports?

A. South Korea.                     

B. The UK.                

C. Germany.

IV. Read the description of three robotics competitions. Tick the correct competition.

B.E.S.T Robot Contest

What can high school students do with a box of materials and six weeks? The B.E.S.T Robot Contest is a great way to find out. Teams must design a robot that can successfully complete a set of tasks within a time limit, and they’ll compete against each other.

F.I.R.S.T: Tech Challenge

Teams for the F.I.R.S.T: Tech Challenge can have up to 15 high schoolers. There’s a reusable robot kit. They must use this kit to create a robot that will be able to compete in an alliance format challenge. Teams work with adult coaches and mentors to help them.

National Robotics Challenge

The National Robotics Challenge doesn’t require specific materials or a kit. Stu- dents get to build a robot that can compete in challenges like a maze and rescue. Plus, the contest isn’t just for school students; college and graduate students can participate, too.


B.E.S.T Contest

F.I.R.S.T Challenge

National Robotics Challenge

13. Students use their own materials or robot kits.    




14. There are coaches to work with each team of students.




15. Students design a robot in six weeks.                  




16. There is no age limit in this contest.                    




V. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the word in brackets. You can’t change the word. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

17. The bookshop is opposite the library. (THERE)

 => _____________ a bookshop opposite the library.

18. We bring reusable water bottles. We don’t bring plastic bottles. (INSTEAD)

=> We bring reusable water __________ plastic bottles.

19. No one in my family cooks better than my dad. (THE)

=> My dad is __________in my family.

20. This is a present for you. (YOURS)

=> This __________.

21. The show was interesting. It was too long. (BUT)

=> The show was interesting, __________ too long.

VI. Choose the word with a different way of pronunciation in the underlined part. Circle A, B or C.


A. equipment                   

B. exercise                  

C. everyday


A. congratulation             

B. marathon               

C. place


A. pagoda                        

B. crowded                

C. postcard


A. around                         

B. found                     

C. famous


A. bathroom                     

B. father                     

C. whether

 VII. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

27. If we don’t protect the environment, Mother Nature (be) ________ angry.

28. I might (go) ________ to Da Nang next week. I’m not sure yet.

29. It is likely that Tim (arrive) ________ late.

30. ________ you (send) ________ an email to John yesterday?

31. I (be) _________ at Jame’s party yesterday but I (not see) ___________ you there.

VIII. Choose the best option to complete each sentence. Circle A, B or C.

32. I want to buy many modern home ___________.

A. apply                     

B. appliance               

C. appliances

33. My dreamhouse will be ___________ by big trees.

A. surround                

B. surrounded            

C. surrounding

34. My ___________ is peaceful and quiet.

A. neighbour              

B. neighbouring         

C. neighbourhood

35. Using ___________ energy can help save the environment.

A. sun                         

B. sunny                     

C. solar

36. You should ___________ the amount of salt in your diet.

A. reduce                   

B. reuse                      

C. recycle

37. ___________ a kind-hearted man!

A. How                      

B. What                      

C. Who

38. The first Olympic Games took ___________ in Greece in 776 BC.

A. part                        

B. place                      

C. time

39. Mr Bean has ___________ old car. ___________car is blue.

A. an/ The                  

B. an/ A                      

C. a/ The

40. Ha Noi is a big city. _________ not easy to find your way there.

A. It                           

B. It’s                         

C. Its

---------------------THE END---------------------

Đề 3

I. Listen and complete each blank with one suitable word.


Recycling means to reuse or (1) ______ something that we would normally throw in the rubbish bin.

Recycling helps our planet (2) ______ we conserve the planet’s natural resources. It helps reduce pollution and greenhouse gases which cause global warming. For example, making new metal cans is (3) ______ difficult than recycling old ones. Recycling one aluminum can save (4) ______ energy to power a computer for 3 hours.

You (5) ______ recycle many things such as paper, cards, metal, material, plastic, leftovers, cooking oil, mobile phones and garden waste.

II. Circle the word whose stress pattern is pronounced differently from the others’.


A. enjoy                             

B. humour                             

C. treatment                          

D. pencil


A. persuade                       

B. reduce                               

C. father                                

D. apply


A. farmer                           

B. recycle                              

C. fairy                                  

D. boring


A. money                           

B. machine                            

C. many                                 

D. mother


A. borrow                        

B. agree                                 

C. prepare                              

D. enjoy

III. Odd one out.


A. houseboat                   

B. appliance                           

C. palace                               

D. skyscraper


A. ball                              

B. goggles                             

C. racket                                

D. palace


A. wireless                       

B. modern                             

C. fridge                                

D. hi-tech


A. volleyball                    

B. landmark                           

C. badminton                        

D. basketball


A. helicopter                    

B. dishwasher                        

C. washing machine              

D. refrigerator

IV. Choose the best option to complete the sentences by circle the letter A, B, C or D.

16. These are my books, not _____.

A. your                                  

B. your book                         

C. yours                                 

D. yours books

17. Australia is an interesting country. All of _____ big cities are along the coast.  

A. it                                       

B. their                                  

C. its                                      

D. theirs

18. Look at the sky, Minh! _____ a beautiful scene!

A.  How often                       

B. What                                 

C. Where                               

D. Why

19. Excuse me, can you show me the way to ____ gas station?

A. a                                        

B. the                                     

C. an                                      

D. x

20. Peter, what are you going to do this weekend? – I don’t know. I think I _____ some movies at home.

A. will watch                         

B. watch                                

C. am going to watch            

D. am watching

21. ____ type of future house do you think it will be? – It’ll be a _____.

A. What - apartment             

B. How - UFO                      

C. What - palace                   

D. How - skyscraper

22. We might have a _________ TV to watch TV programmes from space.

A. wireless                             

B. automatic                          

C. remote                              

D. local

V. Look at the table below about the “three Rs”. Fill in the blanks with the suitable meaning of Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

VI. Read the passage and decide if the following statements are True (T) or False (F).

Earth Day is a birthday! Just like a birthday is a special day to celebrate a person. Earth Day is a special day that celebrates the Earth. It is a day to remember to take care of our planet.

Earth Day was born on April 22,1970, in San Francisco, California. It is now the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. Every year, many countries around the world join together in the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd. On Earth Day, people celebrate by doing things that help to protect the environment. Some things people do to help the Earth are: turn off the lights to conserve energy, plant trees, recycle, and pick up garbage in their communities.

You don’t have to wait for Earth Day though, you can help the environment every day!

26. The first Earth Day was celebrated around the world. ______

27. Earth Day is a day to take care of our planet, Earth. ______

28. A few countries celebrate Earth Day. ______

29. On Earth Day, people do some good things that help the planet. ______

30. Turning lights off is a way to save energy. ______

VII. Read and choose the correct answer to complete the following passage.


Up is a 2009 American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama buddy adventure film produced (31) ________ Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film centers on an elderly widower named Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner) and an earnest boy named Russell (Jordan Nagai). Carl and Ellie (32) ________ up, marry and live in the restored house. After Ellie suffers a miscarriage and they are told they cannot have a child, the couple remembers their childhood dream of (33) ________ Paradise Falls. They save for the trip, but (34) ________ have to spend the money on more pressing needs. Finally, the now elderly Carl arranges for the trip but Ellie suddenly falls ill, is hospitalized, and dies. Years later in the present day, Carl still lives in the house by stubbornly holding out while the neighborhood homes are torn down and replaced by skyscrapers. However, Carl resolves to keep his promise to Ellie by turning his house into a makeshift airship using thousands of helium (35) ________. The flying house encounters a cumulonimbus storm and ends up high above South America.


A. by                               

B. with                                  

C. from                                  

D. at


A. grows                          

B. grew                                  

C. grow                                 

D. have grown


A. to visit                         

B. visiting                              

C. visited                               

D. to visiting


A. repeat                          

B. repeated                            

C. repetition                          

D. repeatedly    


A. roofs                           

B. balloons                            

C. walls                                 

D. bricks

VIII. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one.

36. It’s not good for you to stay up late and play games until midnight.

=> You __________________________________.

37. She has never seen the more amazing sight. (most)

=> It’s __________________________________.

38. We haven’t been to Hanoi for three years. (went)

=> The last time __________________________.

39. Sue shouldn’t go out this weekend, or she won’t have time to study.

=> If ___________________________________.

40. How about going to the cinema tonight?

=> Shall ________________________________?

-------------------THE END-------------------

Đề 4

I. Listen to Khang and Dr Adams talking about robots. Fill in the blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.


Listen again and decide whether the statements are True or False?

5. Robots can’t do quite a lot today.

6. Robots can only build small houses.

7. Robots can speak to people.

8. There are robots working as teachers in classes.              

9. Robots can’t understand what we say.

10. Robots can do everything like humans.

II. Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others’.


A. mountain                    

B. around                              

C. shoulder                            

D. cloudy


A. these                           

B. thunder                             

C. together                            

D. therefore


A. medical                       

B. decide                               

C. tennis                                

D. pencil

III. Circle the word whose stress pattern is pronounced differently from the others’.


A. include                        

B. become                             

C. action                                

D. believe


A. homework                  

B. future                                

C. modern                             

D. maintain

IV. Choose the best option to complete the sentences by circle the letter A, B, C or D.

16. This is the ______ robot in the show. Our scientists spent more than 2 years building it.

A. smart                                 

B. smarter                              

C. most smart                        

D. smartest

17. If the home robots _____ out of battery, they ______ charge themselves with solar energy. 

A. run – will                          

B. runs - should                     

C. go - run                             

D. go - will

18. _____ can we do to make our school greener? – We can put a recycling bin in each classroom.

A.  How often                       

B. What                               

C. Where                               

D. Why

19. Does your neighborhood have _____ art gallery?

A. a                                        

B. the                                   

C. an                                     

D. x

20. We have lots of plastic bottles at home _____ we don’t know what to do with them.

A. and                                   

B. due to                                

C. but                                    

D. so

21. Our future house will be in ______ mountains. There will be many trees and flowers.

A. a                                        

B. the                                     

C. an                                      

D. x

22. I am still not sure where to go for my holiday. I ______ to Vung Tau city.

A. need go                             

B. am going                           

C. will go                              

D. might go

V. Each of the following sentences has one mistake. Find and correct it.

23. We will help the environment if we all used the reusable shopping bag.

A. will help                            

B. if                                       

C. used                                  

D. reusable

24. If we waste so much paper, we will save a lot of trees.

A. If                                      

B. waste                                

C. will save                           

D. a

25. Bringing your lunch box! You can save lots of money and avoid using plastic bags.

A. Bringing                           

B. box                                    

C. can save                            

D. using

VI. Put the words in the blanks into the correct forms.

26. Be quiet! You ________(make) so much noise!

27. Yesterday, our class _______ (go) to the art gallery.

28. We have our plan for summer holiday. We ____ (join) the 3Rs club to help the environment.

29. What is the ______ (long) river in Viet Nam?

30. If we _____ (protect) the forests, we _____ (help) our planet.

VII. Read the summary of an article choose the best answer A, B or C.

Have you ever wondered about changes of the future houses? We have gathered together some predictions regarding future houses: what will they be like? How will they be organised?

First of all, technology will be an effective tool to help improve our quality of life. There will be “smart homes” with high-tech appliances. People will use a phone app connected to home equipment and give orders. More houses of the future will be smaller because of the “living alone” trend. Smaller space makes one room become multifunctional: kitchen, dining, sleeping, and working. People also love the idea of motorhomes which helps them to change their locations. Imagine living in different cities every month, that’s fantastic! Another idea of future houses states that every individual house and building will become a power plant with renewable energy sources. There will be different alternative energy sources to use in houses because people care more about the environment.

31. What is the passage about?

A. Future houses                   

B. Changes in technology     

C. High-tech appliances in houses

32. What will be an effective tool to create better living conditions?

A. multifunctional rooms      

B. smart device                     

C. technology

33. According to the passage, what can people do with a phone app?

A. to connect with other people

B. to connect with home equipment

C. to give orders in their homes

34. What can we understand the word “multifunctional” in the passage?

A. having many appliances.

B. having several different functions.

C. having only one function.

35. What is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. motorhomes help future people to travel around.

B. People in the future no longer care about the environment.

C. In the future, every house or building might use different sources of renewable energy.

VIII. Combine two sentences to make a complete sentence using suitable possessive pronouns.

36. My robots is smaller than your robots.

=> My robots __________________________.

37. Your sister is younger than her sister.

=> Your _______________________________.

38. Their vacation is longer than my vacation.

=> Their _______________________________.

IX. Rewrite these sentences without changing their meanings.

39. Recycle your notebooks, you will save more trees.

=> If _________________________________.

40. I liked Tom and Jerry very much. I watched it many times. (so)

=>  ___________________________________.

------------------THE END------------------

Đề 5

I. Listen to two students talking about what they will do if they become the presidents of the 3Rs club. Choose the best answer.

1. What will be the first thing Mi do if she becomes the president of the club?

A. Talk to her friends happily.

B. Put a recycling bin in every classroom.

C. Reuse the bins.

2. What can students do in a book fair?

A. Exchange their books.      

B. Buy new books.                

C. Read others’ books.

3. What will Nam do if he becomes the president of the club?

A. Organise book fairs.         

B. Organise uniform fairs.    

C. Put a recycling bin in every classroom.

4. What does Nam think about going to school by bus?

A. It’s fun and easy.

B. It’s easy and helps the environment.

C. It’s fun and helps the environment.

Listen again and decide whether the statements are True or False?

5. Mi thinks that we can use the things from recycling bins again.

6. Nam will organise some book fairs.

7. Mi mentions a vehicle.

8. Students can buy uniforms in Nam’s fairs.                      

9. Both Mi and Nam think about ways to make the school greener.

10. Both Nam and Mi are from class 6A.                            

II. Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others’.


A. think                           

B. bath                                   

C. breath                                

D. father


A. snow                           

B. postcard                            

C. grow                                 

D. however


A. prepare                        

B. chess                                 

C. tennis                                

D. error

III. Circle the word whose stress pattern is pronounced differently from the others’.


A. begin                           

B. famous                              

C. ready                                 

D. active


A. firework                      

B. travel                                 

C. morning                            

D. idea

IV. Choose the best option to complete the sentences by circle the letter A, B, C or D.

16. The Big Ben Tower is a famous ________ in London.

A. city                                   

B. island                               

C. building                            

D. landmark

17. If people _____ less chemical in agriculture, there _____ less soil pollution.

A. use - is                              

B. will use - be                      

C. use – will be                     

D. using – will

18. “Mommy, Jack is watching cartoons right now!” – “ _______ the TV and do your homework, Jack!”

A.  You turn on                     

B. Turn on                             

C. You turn off                     

D. Turn off

19. She came home and felt exhausted _____ she couldn’t sleep well.

A. but                                    

B. because                             

C. so                                      

D. and

20. Remember to bring _____ when you go swimming.

A. boat                                  

B. racket                                

C. goggles                             

D. bicycle

21. “____ do you want to travel to England?” – “Because I like the red double-decker and Big Ben Tower.”

A. How                                 

B. What                                 

C. When                                

D. Why

22. I think my future house will have a smart _______ to help me with the housework.

A. robot                                 

B. wireless TV                      

C. computer                          

D. cooker

IV. Each of the following sentences has one mistake. Find and correct it.

23. My sister always brings her reuse bag to go shopping.

A. always                              

B. brings                                

C. reuse                                 

D. to

24. People in the future might meeting aliens on a different planet.

A. in                                      

B. might meeting                   

C. on                                      

D. different

25. We live in different cities. My city is more expensive than hers city.

A. different                           

B. more                                  

C. expensive                          

D. hers city

V. Read the passage and choose the correct answer by circling A, B, or C.

Venice is a small city in Northeastern Italy, and about 75,000 people live there. Many people who work in Venice live in Mestre, a modern industrial city. Most people in Venice live in beautiful apartment buildings. Tourism is very important, and many people work in hotels and restaurants. There are also many art galleries and old palaces. People don’t drive cars or use roads. They walk or travel by boat on the canals. Tourists enjoy trips in small boats called gondolas.

Venice is a tourist city. Thousands of tourists visit the old city at Easter and at carnival time in February. Another popular festival is the Vogalonga in May. People row in small boats around the city, but it is not a race. People sit in cafes and talk, or they go to restaurants and enjoy local food. They also go swimming, but not in the canals!

26. What is the passage about?

A. People in Venice              

B. The history of Venice       

C. Brief introduction to Venice

27. Where is Venice?

A. Near the river Ouse          

B. In Northeastern Italy        

C. Near the Rocky mountains

28. What is true about people in Venice?

A. They live in pretty castles.

B. Many people who live in Venice work in Mestre.

C. They usually walk or use boats to go around.

29. Which is NOT mentioned as an activity for tourists in Venice?

A. Watching boat races.

B. Trying various local dishes.

C. Sitting in cafes and talking.

30. When is the best time for tourists to travel there?

A. at Easter                            

B. in February                       

C. Both A&B

VI. Fill each blank with one suitable word by choosing A, B or C.

People need air to breathe. In order to keep us healthy, we need (31) _____ air. However, nowadays, (32) _____ lot of things in our lives create harmful gasses and make the air dirty, like factories, cars and motobikes. Air (33) ______ is one of the worldwide alarming issues nowadays. It causes not only (34) ______ problems in people but also in plants and animals. It’s our responsibility to keep the air (35) _____.


A. clean                           

B. dirty                                  

C. polluted


A. the                              

B. a                                        

C. an


A. polluted                      

B. pollute                               

C. pollution


A. healthy                        

B. unhealthy                          

C. health


A. polluted                      

B. unpolluted                        

C. harmful

VII. Combine two sentences to make a complete sentence using and, but or so.

36. My sister can play volleyball well. She can’t swim.

37. He stayed up late to finish his homework. He was sleepy.

38. Mary loves coffee. She goes to that coffee shop every weekend.

VIII. Rewrite these sentences without changing their meanings.

39. Don’t read books in the dark. Your eyes will be ruined.

=> If __________________________________.

40. The A10 robot is 200 dollars. The A11 is 150 dollars. The A12 is 300 dollars.

=> The A11 ______________ among three robots.

--------------THE END--------------

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