Tổng hợp 5 đề thi học kì 2 Tiếng Anh 7 English Discovery có đáp án

Lựa chọn câu hỏi để xem giải nhanh hơn
Đề 1
Đề 2
Đề 3
Đề 4
Đề 5
Lựa chọn câu hỏi để xem giải nhanh hơn
Đề 1
Đề 2
Đề 3
Đề 4
Đề 5

Đề 1

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


A. celebration         

B. custom                   

C. culture                   

D. carnival


A. passenger           

B. parade                    

C. accident                 

D. traffic


A. vehicle               

B. newsagent             

C. money                    

D. enjoy


A. spend                 

B. lend                       

C. heavy                     

D. clothes


A. finger-painting  

B. field-trip                

C. microscope            

D. literature

II. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

6. My grandmother is going to __________ bánh chưng tomorrow. That’s her favourite dish.

A. make                      

B. do                          

C. plan                        

D. go

7. I’m saving my lucky money. I put it in a __________.

A. pig bank                

B. piggy bank             

C. pig money             

D. piggy money

8. Minh will take part in the competition _________ he finishes his projects.

A. during                    

B. before                    

C. after                                   

D. by

9. Mia is going to join our school’s __________. She loves taking pictures very much.

A. maths club             

B. football club          

C. physics club           

D. photography club

10. Passengers must follow __________ when they are on the plane.

A. safe standards       

B. safety                     

C. safety standards    

D. safe plans

11. __________ the shop is small, it is always crowded with tourists.

A. Despite                  

B. In spite of              

C. Although               

D. However

12. I am hungry. I __________ order a pizza tonight.

A. going to                 

B. am going to           

C. going                     

D. go to

13. Mike is tired. __________, he is trying to finish his assignments.

A. Although               

B. Because                 

C. However                

D. While

14. Hoi An Night market is __________ Dong Xuan market.

A. different as

B. different than        

C. different               

D. different from

15. You __________ late for class. Everybody is waiting!

A. must not be

B. will not be             

C. not being                

D. are not being

III. Put the words in brackets in the correct form.

16. During the carnival, people __________ the streets with colorful flowers. (DECORATION)

17. The students are __________ to go to the biology lab. (EXCITE)

18. Marcus thinks joining the music club is __________. (FASCINATE)

19. Travelling by car is too __________. We prefer going by motorbike. (EXPENSE)

20. It is customary to dance in the __________. (FESTIVE)

IV. Read the following article and choose the best option A, B, C or D for each question.

Driving electric cars has several advantages and disadvantages. Electric cars cause fewer emissions. They also provide personal space for drivers to relax when they feel exhausted on the road. Some think electric cars do not have any disadvantages. But the truth is different. Firstly, the cost is not as reasonable as traditional cars. Drivers need to spend a lot of money on electricity, so the car can work. Secondly, on occasions like field trips, drivers cannot travel far  distances because batteries of electric cars only last for 100-160 kilometers. There are also no or few electricity stations for drivers when car batteries die. This is not as convenient as traditional cars. Traditional car drivers can easily stop and buy gas from gas stations. Thirdly, it can be time-consuming to generate electricity for cars each time drivers go out. It takes between 6 and 8 hours for the car to finish.

21. Electric cars cause  ____.

A. no damage to the environment                              

B. more damage to the environment

C. less damage to the environment                            

D. the most damage to the environment  

22. Costs for electric cars are ____.

A. as low  as traditional cars                                      

B. as  high  as traditional cars

C. less reasonable                                                       

D. too unreasonable

23. Electric cars are not a good choice for long distance journeys because ____.

A. electric car batteries are expensive

B. there are no electricity stations for drivers

C. electric car batteries can only travel over 100 kilometers.

D. electric car batteries cannot travel over 160 kilometers.

24. It can take  ____ to generate new electricity for a car.

A. 7 hours                  

B. 9 hours                   

C. 5 hours                   

D. 2 hours

25. This article mainly writes about ____.

A. the advantages of electric cars

B. the reasons why drivers should buy electric cars

C. the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

D. the the comparison between electric cars and traditional cars

V. Listen to the conversation and decide which statement is True (T), False (F), Not Given (NG).

26. Princeton Secondary School now has 40 students in each class.

27. Foreign languages and science are the main subjects at Princeton.

28. Field trips in biology classes last for 2 days.

29. 8th and 9th grade students have 9 lessons per day at Princeton.

30. Ann thinks that there are too many lessons at Princeton.

VI. Rearrange the given words to make complete sentences. 

31. Anne / equation / excellently / mathematics / during / solve / class. / her / many

=> ________________________________________

32. You / go / anywhere / finish / until / cannot / you / doing / homework. / the

=> ________________________________________

33. This / place / traditional / carnival / takes / in / Da Lat.

=> ________________________________________

34. Tourists / dress / traditional / can / costumes / in / up / and / fireworks. / enjoy

=> ________________________________________

35. There / accident / a / when / was / people / parade. / the / started

=> ________________________________________

36. I / having / party / am / 9.00 p.m. / tomorrow. / a / at

=> ________________________________________

37. Let’s / bookshop / in / of / front / the / meet / 12:30. / at

=> ________________________________________

VII. Complete the second sentence in a way that it is similar in meaning with the first one. Use the provided words in brackets.   

38. Traditional cars can travel long distances. Electric cars cannot. (IN CONTRAST)

=> ________________________________________

39. Electric cars are safe. But they cost a lot of electricity. (HOWEVER)

=> ________________________________________

40. Buses are good for the environment. Electric cars also cause few emissions. (SIMILARLY)

=> ________________________________________

---------------------THE END---------------------

Đề 2

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


A. another              

B. anything                

C. healthy                   

D. thought


A. teacher               

B. chemistry               

C. Chinese                  

D. change


A. experiment        

B. technology             

C. website                  

D. test


A. headphones       

B. lend                       

C. heavy                     

D. butcher


A. invitation           

B. surprise                  

C. field-trip                

D. florist

II. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences

6. I’m going to __________ my homework later. I’m too tired now.

A. do                          

B. make                      

C. plan                        

D. go

7. I’m saving my __________. I put it in a piggy bank.

A. Tet money             

B. lunar money          

C. lucky money          

D. piggy money

8. _________ she was in Hoi An, she was fascinated by the local culture.

A. During                   

B. When                     

C. After                      

D. By

9. Nathan is going to join our school’s __________. He is crazy for doing experiments.

A. IT club                   

B. chemistry club       

C. technology club     

D. chemistry club

10. Everyone must follow __________ when they are on the ship.

A. safety precautions 

B. safety                     

C. safe precautions     

D. safe plans

11. _________the florist’s special offer, only a few people buy flowers there.

A. Despite of              

B. In spite of              

C. Although               

D. However

12. I am exhausted by the trip. __________, I have to finish reading this biology book.

A. Nevertheless          

B. Despite                  

C. While                     

D. During

13. My sister __________ buy a new pair of jeans for her picnic.

A. go to                      

B. not going to           

C. is going to             

D. is going

14. Driving a flying car is not __________ driving a plane.

A. difficult as             

B. difficult than         

C. as difficult as         

D. difficult from

15. You __________ the maths club. It will help you study algebra.

A. should not join      

B. should join             

C. not join                  

D. will not join

III. Put the words in brackets in the correct form.

16. The field-trip was __________. We did many experiments with our teachers. (INTEREST)

17. Marcus is going to the __________ to buy bread and some cookies. (BAKER)

18. My friends get __________ when they visit the historical sites. (BORE)

19. The assignment is too __________. We can never finish it tomorrow. (CHALLENGE)

20. It is the local’s __________ to dance in the festival. (CUSTOMARY)

IV. Read the following article and choose the best option A, B, C or D for each question.

Traveling by bus has both advantages and disadvantages. The first benefit of buses is the cost. People can save a lot of money when they travel by bus because it is a type of public transportation. People only need to spend about 7,000 to 10,000 Vietnam Dong for each route. For example, in Hanoi, it only costs 7,000 Vietnam Dong to travel around by bus.  Second, buses are more friendly to the environment because they burn little gas and cause fewer emissions to the environment. However, this mode of transport also has many disadvantages. First, it is not as convenient as private transportation. For example, there are usually a lot of passengers on a single bus during rush hours. Passengers cannot enjoy their personal space when they are on the bus. Second, buses sometimes avoid locations with special geographical characteristics. Finally, services on buses are not quite comfortable for travelers. It may get exhausting because of crowdedness or noises of passengers and traffic vehicles.

21. In Hanoi, a passenger needs to spend ____ to travel by bus each time.

A. about 7,000 to 10,000 Vietnam Dong                   

B. more than 10,000 Vietnam Dong

C. more than 7,000 Vietnam Dong                            

D. 3,000 Vietnam Dong 

22. When we compare buses with other vehicles, buses ____.

A. cause the same emissions                                      

B. burn more gas

C. cause less damage to the environment                  

D. cause no emissions

23. During rush hours,  ____.

A. traffic can be very crowded

B. bus passengers cannot enjoy their private space

C. buses get crowded because passengers love traveling by buses

D. buses are not as convenient as private transport

24. All of those are the reasons why services on buses are uncomfortable, except for ____.

A. loud passengers                                                     

B. the crowdedness on a bus

C. noises from other vehicles                                    

D. the crowded traffic

25. This article mainly writes about ____.

A. the advantages of buses

B. the reasons why people should travel by bus more

C. the advantages and disadvantages of buses

D. the comparison between buses and other personal vehicles

V. Listen to the conversation and decide which one is True (T), False (F).

26. Students cannot get to the Oxford Secondary School by bus.

27. Oxford Secondary School used to have 30 students in each class.

28. The school holds field trips for students in history class each month.

29. Only 6th grade students have 7 lessons each day.

30. On Lunar’s New Year, students perform and decorate their classrooms.

VI. Rearrange the given words to make complete sentences. 

31. He / map / during / drawing / geography / a / his / class. / is

=> ________________________________________

32. She / hard / works / until / everyday / gets / scores. / high

=>  ________________________________________

33. The / Halloween / of / takes / celebration / place / on / the / 31st / December. / of

=> ________________________________________

34. People / offerings / their / to / send / ancestors / on / carnival. / this

=>  ________________________________________

35. When / travel / bus, / you / the / on / you / can / watch / parade. / the

=>  ________________________________________

36. I’m / birthday / party / having / Tuesday. / this

=>  ________________________________________

37. Would / like / come / party / to / the / join / and / me?

=>  ________________________________________

VII. Complete the second sentence in a way that it is similar in meaning with the first one. Use the provided words in brackets.

 38. Private vehicles cause a lot of emissions to the air. Public transport is safer. (IN CONTRAST)

=>  _____________________________________

39. Buses are cheap. But they are not as convenient as cars. (HOWEVER)

=>  _____________________________________

40. Bicycles are popular in this country. A lot of people also travel by buses (SIMILARLY)

=>  _____________________________________

---------------------THE END---------------------

Đề 3

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


A. traffic                

B. precaution              

C. narrow                   

D. jetpack


A. hold                   

B. folk                        

C. home                      

D. decorate

II. Choose the word whose main stress is different from the others.


A. apple                  

B. happy                     

C. agree                      

D. traffic


A. greengrocer       

B. invitation               

C. newsagent             

D. florist


A. mathematics      

B. education               

C. technology             

D. information

III. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

6. Planes are not as __________ as helicopters.

A. faster                     

B. fast                        

C. more fast               

D. not fast

7. I cannot drive my car to work today. The traffic is __________.

A. exhausted              

B. tiring                      

C. time-consuming     

D. congested

8. Nam: __________ we be __________ go to work by jetpack in 2050? - Minh: No, we won’t.

A. Will – able to        

B. Will – be able to    

C. Will – be               

D. Will – be able

9. My hometown ________ a ceremony every year to celebrate the Lunar New Year’s festival.

A. gives                      

B. take                        

C. holds                      

D. makes

10. On this day, people dress up in their __________ costumes such as Ao Dai.

A. old                         

B. festival                   

C. traditional              

D. ghost

11. A: I didn’t really like the Da Lat Flowers Festival. There were too many people.  - B: Wow, I’m ________ to hear that.

A. shocking                

B. shocked                 

C. shock                     

D. to shock

12. Mother: This shirt looks tight on you. What size are you? - Chi: It's __________.

A. blue, please            

B. £18.99                   

C. large                       

D. just a second!

13. I've got a bad headache. Can you get me some tablets from the __________?

A. bakery                   

B. butcher’s                

C. pharmacy               

D. greengrocer's

14. Last week, we went on a field trip to learn about our city’s geographical __________.

A. characters              

B. characteristics        

C. characteristic         

D. character

15. The hot air balloon can carry 4 people. It is __________ a flying car.

A. as spacious than    

B. spacious                 

C. spacious as            

D. as spacious as

IV. Put the words in brackets in the correct form.

16. Flying cars will be able to carry at ________ four passengers. (LITTLE)

17. Lunar New Year's Festival is a time for ________ to return home to see their parents and family members. (VIETNAM)

18. The shop between the shoe shop and the __________ sells meat. (FLOWER)

19. Science subjects such as chemistry, __________, and biology are difficult but interesting. (PHYSICAL)

20. Self-driving cars will need to meet _______ standards before they can travel. (SAFE)

V. Read the following article and choose the best option A, B, C or D for each question.

Shops are necessary places, (21) _________ people go to buy their necessary things. Shopping is something which is loved by all of us. It is said that many people find shopping relaxing. I too believe that shopping is a (22) _________ thing as whenever I get too stressed or tensed. I often go for shopping. The shopping Mall Department Store is a favorite place. My experience is always pleasant. These shops (23) _________ by the sides of the road. These shops are good in structure. The shops are opened generally at 8 A.M. and are closed at 10 P.M. There were large crowds of people at the shops. These days there is a new concept of shopping (24) _________ online shopping. In online shopping you do not have to visit the stores and you can shop for your items by sitting at home only. I am not so big.  I (25) _________ go alone outside. But sometimes I go shopping with my parents. There are so many things in the shops. I like to go to shops. I want to have a look to every shop. Sometimes I meet my friends when I go shopping. It is very interesting to me. I love shopping.


A. where              

B. which                     

C. when                      

D. what


A. relax                

B. relaxed                   

C. relaxing                  

D. to relax


A. locate               

B. stand                      

C. sit                           

D. put


A. call                   

B. calling                    

C. to call                     

D. called


A. mustn’t            

B. cannot                    

C. needn’t                  

D. shouldn’t

VI. Read the passage and choose the best option (A, B, C or D) for each of the following questions.

Hi, I’m Anna. Last week, my family and I traveled to Vietnam. We arrived in Hanoi on 13th September, just 2 days before the Mid-Autumn Festival or Tet Trung Thu. It also has a different name which is Children’s Festival. Children enjoy this festival the most, but it also welcomes adults to have fun. There were many traditional performances on the streets. I watched lion dances. The local dancers dressed up in colorful costumes and gave an excellent performance. My family loved it. They even tried the dance with the dancers. We ate some special foods, but mooncake was the best. That night, the city was very lively as we heard many people cheering. However, it was a bit noisy. There were too many cars and motorbikes on the streets. We returned home early because we needed to return to my country early the next morning. My mother always gets angry if we wake up too late.

26. The Mid-Autumn Festival took place on ___________.

A. 13th September                 

B. 15th September                 

C. 11th September

27. __________ can join the festival.

A. Only children                    

B. Only adults                        

C. Children and adults

28. Anna watched a dance performance on the streets. ________ performed the dance.

A. Lions                                 

B. Vietnamese people            

C. Anna’s family 

29. Anna said there was too much noise on the streets because ___________.

A. there were too many vehicles

B. too many people were cheering

C. there was an accident

30. Her family left early because ____________.

A. they needed to fly back home the next morning

B. Anna’s mom could be angry if her family woke up late

C. the streets were too noisy

VII. Rearrange the given words to make complete sentences.

31. advantages / Travelling / both / has / by / motorbike / and / disadvantages

=> ___________________________________________________________.

32. People / traditional / dress / in / up / and / costumes / dance

=> ___________________________________________________________.

33. not  /  train  /  taking  /  are  /  the  /  We/ tonight/ to/ football/ match/ the

=> ___________________________________________________________.

34. off / your / you / shoes / before / enter / take / the / must / You / laboratory.

=> ___________________________________________________________.

35. Planes / will / power / in / the / battery / use / future.

=> ___________________________________________________________.

VIII. Listen to the conversation between Mai and Vinh and choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D.

36. Mai and Vinh will go to the __________ tomorrow.

A. Car show               

B. Car center              

C. Technology exhibition      

D. Technology center

37. A flying car is __________ a normal car.

A. faster than             

B. slow as                   

C. as fast as                            

D. as slow as

38. Some flying cars can take off and land __________.

A. on the streets         

B. on the roads           

C. from the station                 

D. from the driveway

39. There will be fewer __________ if we use flying cars.

A. streets                    

B. cars                        

C. traffic vehicles                   

D. traffic jams

40. Public transport can help save money and protect the __________.

A. environment          

B. exhibition              

C. convenience                       

D. traffic

---------------------THE END---------------------

Đề 4

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


A. battery               

B. bullet                     

C. convenient             

D. vehicle


A. play                   

B. save                       

C. assistant                 

D. arrangement

II. Choose the word whose main stress is different from the others.


A. production         

B. enjoyment              

C. beginning               

D. bicycle


A. spacious             

B. balloon                   

C. aircraft                   

D. accident


A. homework         

B. physics                   

C. design                    

D. lesson

III. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

6. The underground is __________ the train.

A. different                

B. different than        

C. more different       

D. different from

7. In the future, people __________ from Hanoi to London in 5 hours.

A. travel                     

B. travelling               

C. will travel              

D. be travel

8. Matt cannot ride his bicycle. The roads are too __________.

A. comfortable           

B. narrow                   

C. stuck                      

D. spacious

9. Linh: A lot of people ____ fireworks for the performance last week.

    An: Did they ____ those fireworks?

    Linh: Yes, they did. It was such a colourful performance in the sky.

A. make/set                

B. made/set off          

C. make/set off           

D. set off/made

10. The ____________ of Halloween is on October 31st.

A. folk song               

B. decoration              

C. carnival                  

D. celebration   

11. The fireworks and the food were delicious. ________, some people weren’t so friendly with tourists.

A. Though                  

B. However                

C. Therefore               

D. Otherwise

12. You can buy sausages at the __________.

A. bakery                   

B. butcher’s                

C. newsagent’s           

D. greengrocer's

13. __________ my headache, I had a great birthday.

A. Despite of              

B. Although               

C. In spite of              

D. But

14. Hoa: I’m so thirsty. I think we __________ go buy some ice cream.

      Duy: I don’t think that is a good idea. We __________ stay with our classmates during the field trip.

A. should/ must          

B. must/ should          

C. shouldn’t/ must     

D. shouldn’t/ mustn’t

15. Vy really wants to __________ an A, so she spends all night preparing for the exam.

A. get                         

B. give                        

C. take                        

D. have

IV. Put the words in brackets in the correct form.

16. At Hội An night market, you can see hundreds of __________ lanterns and crowds of tourists. (COLOUR)

17. __________ will see many fascinating lights and exciting activities during Hội An Lantern Festival. (TOUR)

18. This Canadian vehicle has a battery-powered _________ motor, so it can be recharged while waiting in traffic. (ELECTRICITY)

19. The eco-taxi from Germany also has zero emissions because it uses __________ panel windows to generate electricity. (SUN)

20. In our history and geography classes, we learn about our country’s heritage and its _________ characteristics. (GEOGRAPHY)

V. Read the following article and choose the best option A, B, C or D for each question.

In the future, there will be many new (21) _________ of transportation. People may travel by flying cars or hot air balloons. (22) _________, at the present, a company is designing an electronic train. This train will have very little emission because it runs (23) _________ solar energy. It uses solar panel windows to generate electricity, so it can help the environment. This electronic train can carry up to 10,000 (24) _________, and it will be able to travel a distance of 600 kilometers in one hour. The price is 300 dollars for three people, not (25) _________  as a tram, but people can travel to different places faster.


A. ways                

B. means                    

C. methods                 

D. devices


A. However         

B. Therefore               

C. Otherwise              

D. Though


A. with                 

B. by                          

C. on                          

D. in


A. pedestrians      

B. travellers                

C. drivers                   

D. passengers


A. more cheap      

B. such cheap             

C. as cheap                 

D. little cheap

VI. Read the text. Decide if the sentences are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F).

Harrods is the biggest department store in the UK and one of the world’s most famous stores. The first owner, Charles Henry Harrod, opened it in 1834 in London’s East End. It started as a small grocery shop with a special interest in tea. Later Harrod’s son, Charles, moved to central London and this store became bigger.

Nowadays Harrods is in AK Road, in London. Around 35,000 people visit Harrods every day. It has got more than 4,000 workers from 50 countries and more than 300 stores. There are lots of stores, including clothes shops for men, women, and children, bookshop, bakery and shoe shop among others. For many London visitors, Harrods is a tourist attraction and a great place to buy gifts. You can find almost everything you could think of at Harrods. Go and visit it!

26. Harrods was opened in Central London in 1834. ________

27. The store was always big and famous. ________

28. Harrods is an excellent place to go shopping. ________

29. There are 4,000 stores in Harrods. ________

30. There is almost everything at Harrods. ________

VII. Complete the sentences using the given words.

31. In 2080 / we / travel / Ha Noi / Da Nang / 30 minutes.

=> ___________________________________________.

32. What / activity / you / find / interesting / about / festival? 

=> ___________________________________________.

33. We/ going / do/ some shopping/ this/ afternoon.

=> ___________________________________________.

34. She / will/ not / go home/ until/ she / finish/ chemistry experiment

=> ___________________________________________.

35. Sky train / different / underground.

=> ___________________________________________.

VIII. Listen to the recording and choose the correct option (A, B, C or D).

36. The Lim Festival is held to ___________.

A. celebrate the singing tradition      

B. celebrate the Quan Ho tradition    

C. sing Quan Ho songs 

37. The Lim Festival takes place _______________.

A. in Hanoi                                        

B. in the Lim Village, Bac Ninh        

C. in Bac Ninh Village   

38. The festival lasts for ___________.

A. 1 day                                             

B. 3 days                                            

C. 12 days

39. The most famous part of the festival is _____.

A. human chess                                  

B. singing                                           

C. rice cooking

40. In each group of singers, there are ___________ people.

A. two                                                

B. three                                              

C. four

---------------------THE END---------------------

Đề 5

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


A. decoration         

B. ceremony               

C. celebrate                

D. festival  


A. the                     

B. change                   

C. butcher                  

D. shopper

II. Choose the word whose main stress is different from the others.


A. surprise              

B. wallet                     

C. headphones           

D. heavy


A. geography         

B. experiment             

C. chemistry               

D. advantage


A. passenger           

B. multiple                 

C. battery                   

D. precaution

III. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

6. I think travelling by train is very __________. There’s a small bed for me to sleep.

A. slow                       

B. cheap                     

C. comfortable                       

D. noisy

7. A: __________ is an air ticket different from a bus ticket? - B: It is more expensive.

A. What                     

B. Why                       

C. How                      

D. Which

8. I hope there __________ a bullet train in Hanoi next year.

A. will                        

B. won’t                     

C. won’t be                

D. will be

9. The cost of parking is high in this building. __________, it is cheaper in the shopping centre.

A. However               

B. Finally                   

C. First                      

D. Similarly

10. On ___________, children often make ghost costumes and dress up like ghosts.

A. Lim Festival          

B. Rio Carnival          

C. Halloween                         

D. Lunar New Year

11. There is an interesting Autumn _________ celebration in the city today. You can have fun and watch dance performances there.  

A. ceremony              

B. festival                   

C. parade                    

D. performance

12. These comics were really cheap – I got them from the __________.

A. greengrocer’s         

B. newsagent’s           

C. bakery                    

D. butcher's

13. __________ you are rich, I doubt you are happy.

A. Despite                  

B. Although               

C. In spite of              

D. But

14. We __________ study information technology at school. It is a compulsory subject.

A. should                   

B. must                       

C. shouldn’t               

D. mustn’t

15. I don’t really enjoy __________ lessons. I’m not very good at solving equations.

A. maths                     

B. geography              

C. history                   

D. literature

IV. Put the words in brackets in the correct form.

16. Susan likes using public transport because she doesn’t need to find a _________ place. (PARK)

17. Locals celebrate the festival every 14th day of the Lunar month to send __________ to their ancestors. (OFFER)

18. In spite of many escalators, _________ still have difficulties in moving their trolleys up and down. (SHOP)

19. Information technology now becomes a __________ subject in every school at this level. (COMPEL)

20. There are many modes of transport, such as ___________ car, underground and motorbike. (ELECTRICITY)

V. Read the passage and choose the best answer to fill in each blank.

Tel Aviv will be the first city in the world to have a skyTran system. This system will help the city (21) ________ traffic congestion. Moreover, skyTran will provide a greener, less expensive, faster, and more comfortable mode of travel (22) ________ cars and buses. The system has many pods and each pod has two seats. Passengers can get a pod by using a smartphone (23) ________. The pods glide along the rails above to their destination. The pods run on electricity and can travel at speeds up to 150 mph (24) ________ passengers will still have a smooth ride. The system is about 70 m above the ground. The cost is higher than taking a bus but lower than taking a taxi. So, many people think it (25) ________ a perfect means of transport to replace traditional ones. The USA and many Asian countries are interested in building skyTran networks in the very near future.


A. increase                       

B. reduce                    

C. maintain                 

D. balance


A. than                 

B. as                           

C. that                        

D. with


A. tool                  

B. device                    

C. app                         

D. website


A. if                      

B. when                      

C. whether                 

D. while


A. is                      

B. will be                   

C. has been                 

D. was

VI. Read the article and decide which statement is True (T), False (F), Not Given (NG). 

Tet or Lunar New Year is one of the biggest traditional festivals in Vietnam. Vietnamese people often celebrate this festival from the end of January to the beginning of February. However, many families start to prepare for Tet from the middle of January.  Before this festival, people return home, decorate their houses with flowers and make a lot of special foods. Some popular foods on Tet are Banh Chung and Banh Tet. Tet is usually between 4 or 6 days. On the first night of Tet, people often set off colorful fireworks and many places are very bright with lights. The next four days, many people dress up beautifully in traditional costumes such as Ao Dai. They visit their friends and relatives. There are also a lot of interesting ceremonies and performances to celebrate the festival. When Tet is over, people return to their daily life to start a happy and healthy year.

26. Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional festival in Vietnam. ________

27. People celebrate Tet from the middle of January to the beginning of February.  ________

28. You can enjoy a lot of delicious food on Tet. ________

29. Lunar New Year lasts for 6 days. ________

30. You can see a lot of lights on the first night of Tet. ________

VII. Rearrange the given words to make complete sentences.

31. taxi / 2100. / buses / I / be / as / spacious / in / hope / will / as

=> _________________________________________________.

32. Each / two / people / million / day /, / / join / festival / the / on / streets. / the

=> _________________________________________________.

33. learning / environment. / really / the / enjoy / about / I

=> _________________________________________________.

34. any/ parents / to/ buy/ new / not/ going/ are/ me / any / my / trainers.

=> _________________________________________________.

35. travel / they / get / exhausted / long / if / Passengers / will / distances.

=> _________________________________________________.

VIII. You will hear part of a radio programme about money. Mark the sentences TRUE (T), FALSE (F) or NOT GIVEN (NG).

36. Boris never tries to save money.

37. Boris sometimes checks other shops to see if things are cheaper there.

38. Boris doesn’t like borrowing money.

39. His friends sometimes borrow money from him.

40. When he really needs money, he borrows money from his parents.

---------------------THE END---------------------

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