Revision - Unit 1 – Tiếng Anh 6 – English Discovery

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Bài 1
Bài 2
Bài 3
Bài 4
Bài 5
Bài 6
Bài 7
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Bài 1
Bài 2
Bài 3
Bài 4
Bài 5
Bài 6
Bài 7

Bài 1

1. Complete the words in the sentences.

(Hoàn thành các từ trong câu.)

My big brother was u n e m p l e d for six months. But now he’s got a p_ _ _-_ _ _ _ job.

A famous a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is designing the Beckham’s new house.

I ove cooking – I want to work as a c_ _ _ when I’m older.

I started s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ school last week. My form t_ _ _ _ is really nice.

During breaks most pupils play outside in the p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. But one or two pupils prefer reading in the school I_ _ _ _ _ _.

Lời giải chi tiết:

1. Part-time

2. Architect

3. Chef

4. Secondary; tutor

5. Playground; library

Bài 2

2. Complete with the suitable words.

(Hoàn thành với các từ thích hợp.)

First, I wanted to be a lawyer but you need to study a lot and I'm not crazy about revising for 1exams. After that | wanted to be a journalist but I realised that | wasn't interested in 2_______ articles. Next I thought about becoming a driver but I couldn't 3_______ my driving test. I started working in a call centre but I really hated answering the 4_______ ! It wasn't a surprise when I 5_______ my job. After that I was a hotel receptionist for a month but I couldn't get to work 6_______ time. Then I worked

7 _______ a bike courier but found out I don’t like 8_______ alone. Finally, I have the perfect job — I walk dogs for a living. I love it!

Lời giải chi tiết:

2. writing

3. pass

4. phone

5. lost

6. on

7. as

8. working

Bài 3

3. In pairs, talk about people you know and the jobs they have. Why do you think they chose these jobs?

(Theo cặp, hãy nói về những người bạn biết và công việc của họ. Bạn nghĩ tại sao họ lại chọn những công việc này?)

Lời giải chi tiết:

My uncle is a carpenter. He is really handy and hardworking. He also likes to work with people and doesn’t mind the long hour spent working at the shop. He is really dedicated to his job.

Bài 4

4. Complete the sencond sentence so that it means the same as the first one.

(Hoàn thành câu sencond sao cho nó có nghĩa giống như câu đầu tiên.)

1. Helen enjoys working abroad.

Helen is keen on working abroad.

2. Magda loves learning languages.

Magada is crazy ______.

3. Jack works really badly in a team.

Jack is hopeless _______.

4. Mary doesn’t enjoy working indoors.

Mary isn’t intersted _______.

Lời giải chi tiết:

2. About learning languages.

3. At working in a team.

4. In working indoors.

Bài 5

5. Complete the text with will or won’t and the words in brackets. Then in pairs, write predictions about today’s school day.

(Hoàn thành văn bản bằng will hoặc will not và các từ trong ngoặc. Sau đó, theo cặp, viết dự đoán về ngày học hôm nay.)

Our first class today is English. I'm sure we 1‘ll talk (talk) a lot in English and we 2_______

(play) some cool games. Then it's History. 3_______ (we/watch) a film? I hope so! This afternoon isn’t so good. Our first class after lunch is Maths. We 4______ (probably/do) a lot of exercises and I’m sure I 5_____(not understand) anything. After that it’s Rugby. I'm sure that somebody 6______(forget) his rugby boots and Mr Hodd 7______ (shout) at us.

Lời giải chi tiết:

2. ‘ll play

3. Will we watch

4. ‘ll probably do

5. won’t understand

6. will forget

7. will shout

Bài 6

6. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the First Conditional.

(Hoàn thành đoạn hội thoại với dạng đúng của Điều kiện đầu tiên.)










How are you getting to your job interview?

By bike. The farm isn’t far from town.

But what 1will you do (you/do) if the

weather 2 ______(be) bad?

It’s OK. If it 3______ (rain), I 4______(take) the ten o'clock bus.

But if the bus 5_______ (arrive) late, how 6_______ (you/get) there then?

I 7_______ (phone) for a taxi if something 8_______ (go) wrong.

But if there 9_______  (not be) a signal, you 10_______ (not able to phone) for a taxi.

You worry too much!

Lời giải chi tiết:

2. is

3. rains

4. ‘ll take

5. Arrives

6. Will forget

7. ‘ll phone

8. Goes

9. Internet

10. won’t be able to phone

Bài 7

7. In pairs, talk about careers. Student S. look below. Student B, go to page 112.

(Theo cặp, hãy nói về nghề nghiệp. Sinh viên S. nhìn bên dưới. Học sinh B, xem trang 112.)

Student A

1. You work in a Student Careers office. Ask Student B what he/she likes doing.

2. Ask Student B about his/her career plans.

3. Give advice: you definitely/probably won’t ejoy being a…/You might be good at… 

Lời giải chi tiết:

A: hello! How can I help you?

B: I want to look for a job

A: ah yes of course. Can you first tell me about your interests?

B: well I enjoy working with my hands, I like being creative and in contact with nature also I prefer working alone

A: ah yes that’ nice. Then do you have any plan yet? Any job you have in mind?

B: Maybe an accountant?

A: I am not so sure you will like the work of an accountant though. How about being a gardener?

B: oh that also seems nice I will consider it. Thank you for your advice.
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